Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It is the Democratic process' loss and the Lower 9th Ward's and New Orleans gain,
to have you on the side of the working poor and the poor.

"This government has walked away from the working poor and the poor."

"Economic Justice is our cause."

- Senator John Edwards

WOW - excellent...

Senator Edwards stopped under the Claiborne Bridge to speak with our homeless New Orleanian brothers and sisters.

Do not turn away from these great struggles before us...
--Senator John Edwards


Patrick said...

Were you there under the bridge? Just curious. I was in Musician's Village for the speech. A sad day.

Planetary Sister said...

Hey Patrick. Not today. This picture was taken about a week before. I believe the woman pastor Senator John Edwards spoke of is Pastor Virgil.

She is a wonderful woman who can always use some HotHands handwarmers for her painful arthritis.

This is one of 2 pictures of the people I know under the Claiborne Bridge that I have ever taken. I only show it because the homeless that live here, wanted it to be seen. Otherwise I try not to photograph the homeless or take anything from them and just give .

I noticed that the new buildings which were behind the podium are a bit larger than the one's previously built on Alvar, you were there Patrick is that true?

And your right, it was a sad day even from the couch... but perhaps it is better that he waits a little longer, for the consciousness of this country to evolve enough to see what an incredible candidate he really is.

New Orleans is blessed by his commitment to serve here.

Your commitment too.