Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today is the actual day that this Sacred Planetary Brother came forth in an embodied state, onto this planet.

I may not be able to quote Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr off of the top of my head spontaneously in a conversation with you. Nor, can I tell you that as a child I was exposed to many visual images of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yet his essence, his spirit, his stance, the stances of those around him when marching, the way he and they held hands - the way in which they walked talking and being "with" each other and him - these are the things about the man and the soul of this this Planetary Brother which is burned into my soul.

There is song written and sung by Dion from 1969, called Abraham, Martin and John. I was 1o when this song came out and even at that tender age it stirred something within my heart - my soul - deeply. 38 years later and this song still resonates deeply (I just cried again watching this video before posting it for you). What this song represents to me about Martin and Abraham most especially (to my heart), and John and Bobby, is the integrity each brought to the arena of inequality and social injustices, and the Light they carried,

Your planetary sister cries because she grieves when she hears this song - for all of her planetary brothers and sisters who have come in the name of peace, justice, and love for one another and have died by the very sword they sought to spare others from.

I am so happy you were born on this day Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

May I walk in peace in the ways you have taught and walked.

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