Tuesday, January 1, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR - - - N'AWLINS - - - 2008!

I spent a few hours today in the presence of a child who was born a little over a month after Katrina and the levee failures. His mother was displaced, pregnant, and without his father - his mother has also rebuilt her house on her own and she and Nikko are in their home for their first Christmas. Yesterday, they came over and we went to feed the ducks which was just what my heart needed. On the way back to my house, Nikko saw this red truck and as he is an ardent Bob the Builder fan, I rolled him over so he could touch the many parts of the truck from his stroller, then my neighbor who drives the truck walked by and added even more pleasure to Nikko's and our experience of the big red truck.

I had an opportunity to help someone move into her new spot last night. She has been chronically homeless since the flooding.

Then I worked on the template for this 2008 version of the blog to have it ready for the New Year, whilst listening to some righteous roots and dancehall reggae (Jah Radio), cooking up pots of good eats, and finding myself spontaneously dancing around my living room kitchen area. It was a good New Years Eve.

12:00 It's midnight in New Orleans! The ships on the river are bellowing, firecrackers are going on off like mad - I have never heard so many firecrackers, and fireworks, near and far - in my life! Wow the ordinance! The ships are bellowing again. I went out and banged a big spoon against a pot - Philadelphia custom. Wow, I have never heard so many fire crackers going off for so long in so many directions around me.

In truth I like it best when the giant ships bellow out because then I remember the noise is celebratory - otherwise it reminds my heart of places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, war torn Sudan...

Welcome to 2008 Central Time, USA .

12:10 The firecrackers are still going off like crazy!
12:16 Wow. It's crazy... (the staggering amount of firework and firecracker ordinance is going off. New Years must be the battle of firecracker ordinance in New Orleans! The cops can't even begin to control it.

12: 20 Fireworks at the level of intensity first described has now somewhat lessened. Sporadic fireworks displays now. The odd lone firework ordinance, every couple of minutes now. I have spent New Years in many different states within the US and Virgin Islands - and I must rate New Orleans New Years as one of the best. It started yesterday as soon as I went out my front door into the street, I could feel it in the air, and even the traffic was less congested. All around me on this New Years eve day, I noticed my neighbors gathered on porches, families and friends visiting, children everywhere, families together, all around. We shouted out greetngs of Happy NewYear to each other in passing. I don't go into the Quarter, or out anywhere else on New Years eve night. Too many people "relaxing" and then getting behind the wheel.

Naw, it's been a good New Years eve and so have the holiday's. I have been adopted by many of the men, women, children and feral kitties whom I have met and I will honestly confess, that I am astounded to be so a part of so many Planetary Families since my arrival to New Orleans 2/2/07.

It just got quiet(er) outside. Weird contrasting auditory experiences after all that ordinance going off.


11:30 a.m. January 1, 2008 - Guess who was the first person to speak call me in the New Year? Mrs. G to wish me a Happy New Year. And she sounded really happy in her message. And she has every reason to have hope and beleive it will be a good year for her :>)

It's a 1 year in Numerology.

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