Tuesday, January 1, 2008


70 Homeless folks got HotHands handwarmers for the night.

It is supposed to get as cold as 32 degrees in the city of New Orleans tonight. Some our Planetary homeless brothers and sisters will be sleeping in this bitter cold on concrete, some on mattresses, some in little pup tents, some in abandoned houses, some in doorways and some at the Mission "who is lettin everybody in tonight." {one homeless man told me} Some of the homeless won't leave as they don't want to lose their spots, or their belongings, they can't carry them. I know, these are no ordinary homeless folks, these are the people who we as a nation once took 'care' of. After 20+ years of cutting the spending for programs which helped the least amongst us to function, at the best of their abilities, you can find many of the folks who have been affected by these social policies on the streets or in the prison systems.

70 out of @11,000* homeless people in New Orleans post-Katrina 2008 a little warmer in the bitter freeze. I am not sure if another shipment will arrive on January 2nd -I have about 75 HotHands left for distribution for tomorrow night by am Thursday it is supposed to be in the 20's then it will be back in the 40-50's at night until our next burst of cold weather. New Orleans seems to be the type of place where low and high weather fronts and their movements are very distinct.

*(12,000 homeless since Katrina and the flooding, estimated by Unity for the Homeless NOLA -sorry I don't have the link - you will have to do a search on it.)

And their bellies are full today also thanks to the church group that came and brought really wonderful hot food with them. I asked and these good folks were from the New Light Baptist Church. It's oldest member sat there with church members as the younger ones filled up Styrofoam take out plates with wonderfully delicious smelling foods that they had all prepared.

Prayers for the suffering.

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