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THANK YOU to the community of Light Omega from MA, for their collective love and donation of $110 for (240 pairs) of the HeatMax-HotHands which was matched with another case of 240 pairs personally from Jeff Meyers THANK YOU at Meyers Supply.

THANK YOU to Janet from Wisconsin whom I have never met, for the lovely surprise box of 40 HotHands for the homeless (poor and elderly).

THANK YOU for the donation of $60 which went towards (2) boxes of 40 pairs (80) sets of HotHands from my dear planetary brother and sister - Matthew and Corinne from MA (much love). Their donation was distributed to @60 people on the last day of the 3 day freeze. (A couple of the homeless men really needed to have 2 sets it was so bitter cold). I found during the time of the freeze that there were also people whom I met who were "working poor" and the elderly, who suffer from crippling pain related to arthritis, which is worse when the weather is cold so @10 people in this category got HotHands to help with their pain.

THANK YOU to Lydia, with a generous $120 donation from Lydia from Texas I now have waiting for distribution this weekend (240 pairs) of HotHands and Jeff added 50 Mylar emergency blankets with no extra shipping costs. THANK YOU Jeff! You are awesome Lydia much love!

THANK YOU and love to Cole and Liza from MA, for the surprise shipment of a box of 40 pairs of HotHands that arrived yesterday.

We have a cold front moving in Saturday and Sunday with lows in 30's. Whilst it is not a freeze, coming from someone who has experienced homelessness in cold weather, I can tell you that when you are living outside 24-7 it is hard to get warmed up at night when you are cold all day. So I am really glad that I am ready for the next 2 days. I have a total of 280 pairs of HotHands for the homeless, elderly, and poor,as needed.

THANK YOU Eldon for your gift of $10 which from you my dearest brother has the same impact of one who receives a $1000, for I know how you suffer so my brother.

I have a donation of $54 waiting from the piggy banks of Elijah and Noah and their parents Beth and Dan from MA THANK YOU, waiting for the next cold front. I am hoping to save up another $41 to match this donation and get a case (240 pairs) of the FootWarmUps for $105.

For those of you who are reading this post and may feel an inclination to donate HotHands to the Homeless (and the poor and elderly as needed) for the next bout of cold weather in New Orleans, here are the options available to us from Jeff through Meyers Custom Supply. You also have the choice to order through who gets their orders filled from Meyers Custom Supply.

If you choose to go through Jeff Meyers at Meyers Supply let him know either when you call or place the order (attach an e-mail) that what you are ordering are for Johanna (your planetary sister) in New Orleans for the Homeless. (Jeff has my shipping address and he is willing to ship cases (240 pairs of HotHands) in a case at cost $110 which includes shipping. This price of $110 is for HotHands shipped from the factory ONLY. The shipping is less because the HotHands are coming from the factory in GA to New Orleans.

A case of 240 from the factory - would cost $110 and will take 3 days to arrive from the factory to New Orleans.

You can order online and send an e-mail to Jeff or call Meyers Custom Supply and say they are for Johanna and he will drop ship them to me or call FootWarmUps800- 451-6105.

If you would like to send a box of 40 pairs of
HandWarmers through Meyers Custom Supply they are $18.00 box plus $8.95 shipping (please remember to attach an e-mail or let Jeff know in the phone call they are for Johanna in New Orleans for the homeless as he has a lot of customers!) A box HotHands hand warmers will take about a week to arrive in New Orleans from California.

Anything sent is gratefully welcomed and there are never any expectations!
Whatever I am given to work with is what I have to work with.

For the next month: January 16th until @February 15:

Jeff has an extra a pallet of FootWarmUps which can be used for the feet or the hands. These are just as helpful as the handwarmers for the homeless as they require less oxygen to warm up - often the people I give the HotHands to are so cold that they hold it close in their hands trying to warm them up when and it sometimes takes a little longer to get warmer. These “air-activated” Foot Warm-Up® are designed to work in low oxygen environments like boots, shoes or closed hands! They are ideal for those who will be sitting still and not generating much body heat or sleeping outside in the freezing cold.

HotHands - Foot warmups

Call Jeff Meyers @ 800- 451-6105 for this order.

case of 240 pairs $24.00 shipping from CA $105 total. Allow for a week for delivery.

He can give us this great deal because they are an extra pallet sitting his warehouse - the shipping is the expensive part because they are coming from his warehouse in CA and not the factory in GA.

THANK YOU you everyone
for your thoughts, your prayers, and for those who can... your help.

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