Friday, January 4, 2008


The 3 day freeze is just ending today!

HotHands for the Homeless update: I was able to give out, thank to the generous donations I received for the HotHands for the Homeless - 300 packages of HotHands over 3 days! Wow! We are so awesome when we come together to help each other! And our brothers and sisters in the streets in were very grateful, they told me so in their words, in their gestures, in their eyes. By day two, after they had used the HotHands the first night and saw that they could bring some level of warming comfort, many made sure that I found them when I came under the bridge.

I also met a man in Jim Russell's World Famous Record Store on Magazine street who was on his way to Walmart after seeing if his CD came in. Why would I care that he was going to Walmart? To do what you ask? To go and by tents and sleeping bags for the homeless! He is originally from Atlanta and is now a New Orleanian. He told me (not wanting me to fuss) that he does this once a week. It is moments like the moment he told me what he does that my heart hungers for live for. Moments when I meet other human beings who are present in their hearts for the suffering of others and do what they can without judgement, they 'act' from love.

I met Daniel who is a photo-journalist from Germany under the bridge a few nights ago whilst I was handing out HotHands to the homeless during the latest 3 day freeze. I approached him and told him that if wanted a "tour" of post-Katrina/after the levy failures/New Orleans, that I would be more than willing to take him around (I would just need some help with the gas!). I gave him the blog address and left it up to him to contact me. Which he did yesterday and it ended up for Thursday being a short tour as I drove him to only a few places as he kept saying, "stop here," "stop here," and he would get out and photograph and speak with the people who were there. We are going to go out again on Saturday and I will try to get a link for you all so that we can read and our eyes can see what Daniel from Germany saw in New Orleans. What I 'have seen' is that many New Orleanians have opened up their hearts to him and I have a feeling his photographs and stories are going to be very heart centered and compassionate. I will get that link for you!

Whilst I was waiting for Daniel I began to photograph what was around me and the following postings reflect what called me in the neighborhood to "see" it - witness it...

Planetary stories in the wings waiting to come forth... I hope to finish a two pieces I have from two local New Orleanians I met who told me their stories about their neighborhood and their post-Katrina experiences, by the end of next week for you my dear readers and for them - to have their stories - told and seen.

I am trying to take off today, (it is 2:30 and after a few phone calls my day off is going to start! I am hoping Friday and Sunday off to rest as it has been a busy Holiday season - busy serving that is! Yahoo for my happy soul and heart when I get to do what I love to do most and "ouch and I'm really tired from my achy body."

Especially as I am trying to recover from being hit from behind at a traffic light 3 days ago in the 9th Ward - all three of us were at a full stop when the car behind me accelerated and my car became his brake! I am still in pain and as he didn't have car insurance, I am without chiropractic or massage care to help my body heal. I am going to take it easy for a few days and let my body recover from the trauma.

One more things, I have met a poet who is a New Orleanian originally from Trinidad and he and I will be going out in the 3rd week in January together to work on a posting collaboratively. He will write poetry about the areas we are in and I will photograph them. It should be a brilliant piece as no city I have ever been in has ever warranted poetry (in my heart) about itself as New Orleans. In your planetary sisters opinion, it is the people of the heart that make this city so extraordinary and so poignantly beautiful...

Okay, that's all my updates for now. Our homeless brothers and sisters that I was able to reach, stayed a "little warmer" during this recent freeze thanks to those who could help, that did.

your Planetary Sister

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