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The following posting is what your Planetary Sisters thoughts are like when she witnesses a political act which is to her, a desecration of the political ideals that created the political freedoms we have enjoyed as the first nation to live in a Democracy. Thank you, and much gratitude to our First Nation brothers and sisters, for it was the first peoples who anchored the consciousness' of Democracy and Freedom which has manifested into the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


The U.S. Government sent these warships over to the Persian gulf last summer. Were you dear reader, even aware of this BATTLESHIP GROUP being sent to the PERSIAN gulf?

That's Persian gulf not American.

I am not of the warrior culture.
I denounce the warrior culture.

I denounce the killing of my planetary brothers and sisters.

I denounce this political administration and the Republican party members associated with its rise to power and it's continued fiscal security; for setting up these war endeavoring events in advance, in the year 2007, so that they could "unfold" in an election year. It is a brilliantly Machiavellian move.

We are just 7 days in to this election year. "We the People," are actively engaging in caucus's and primaries - the Democratic process is in its glory - and what does this unethical and immoral political government do during a process which should be revered for its sacredness?

First, the individuals involved, desecrate the Democratic process by preconceiving, staging the possibility of retaliation in hostile waters which are not AMERICAN and then, engaging in a cynical and immoral, war endeavoring, political action.

- missives such as this story "Pentagon says ships harassed by Iran" released for public consumption by the PENTAGON, (psych-ops folks), set the stage for attacking Iranian warships within this political cycle. Another unethical and immoral at best - deed.

Hmmm.. Now what could be the underlying psychological, psychosocial message of the "framers of perceptual reality" when it comes to the duo of Frank Luntz and Carl Rove and their teams of psychologists, psychiatrists, and marketers who are eager to sell the war against the peoples of the Middle East to "We the People,"?

In the most ancient of traditions, I call to you as a planetary messenger, to 'wake up' my planetary brothers and sisters before it is too late, for while you were really busy, while you were out shopping, or working too much, and otherwise as distracted as you possibly could be as consciousness embodied during this advancing technological age; this unethical political administration and members of a corrupt religious-political ideology, are bringing you "Armageddon" Sponsored by the folks at....

In Planetary P

P.S. I guess if I hadn't been before posting - this "denouncement" - I am most likely now, on no-fly list.

The type of Democratic free speech I just engaged in, (it was lovely), is a time honoured tradition in this country (think of the Iroquois Confederacy, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklin); which is rapidly becoming grounds in the not too distant future, my planetary brothers and sisters, for "a little friendly interrogation", if your writings and actions are deemed "radical homegrown terrorist" by whatever political and ideological administration is in power. The stage before "friendly interrogation" in the future will be when you notice on your blog or website stats - the daily check-ins by the DOJ or the PENTAGON which brings home a most contradictory message to the mind, in regards to how the political party in office has the power to interfere with how "WE THE PEOPLE", engage in our precious Democratic traditions. "Yes, indeed, the Department of Justice is watching and listening to what you are saying."

As a planetary and a US citizen:

I denounce the warrior culture.


How the Pentagon Planted a False Hormuz Story
January 16, 2008

Published on Tuesday, What Is This ‘Iranian Provocation’ BS? David Lindorff

In September 2006 it was reported that the Eisenhower Strike Group was under orders to depart the United States in early October 2006, slated to arrive in the Persian Gulf on or aabout 21 October 2006.

Google Search Battleships to Persian Gulf

President Bush says Iran a 'threat to world security" (video ABC News)
January 13, 2008

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