Thursday, January 17, 2008


January 21, 2008 - The rumour proved to be untrue. I stand by my musings and own that the rumour was wrong.

Your Planetary Sister is REPEATING a rumour and I wanted you to know I was REPEATING a rumour from the moment you saw the posting title. Nay, even as you read the first line...

Okay, here is the rumour:

I heard that ____________ is paying for, making sure, that the homeless are 'off the streets' for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday celebrations on Monday, January 21, 2008, in the city of New Orleans. The rumour went on to say that these very same homeless men and women, are going to be put up in hotel rooms. (a note: I hope it is at least for a few days for the sake of the homeless, two nights inside can make all the difference when you are without an inside space of your own).

So here is the ethical and moral quandary:

It is good for the homeless to get off the streets for one, even two nights and a night is not enough is it?

Whilst being a good gesture in honour of the Reverend Martin Luther King (and being in the South I wouldn't put it past Southerners to do good gestures - it is in their genetic code); I also wonder if it may also be part of a callow gesture perhaps brought to you by the folks who are trying to market New Orleanians and the world, the brand New Orlean$?

Get the homeless off the streets, put those drunks and gutter punks in jail, get those hippies out of here, hey you - clean up your political humour, hey - somebody tell those yahoo's to keep it down...

You know the type of marketers I'm talking about don't you?

What these marketers claim to be bringing seems like the dream we have all secretly and exclusively been waiting-praying for... then you wake up and it is year 7 with George W. Bush as President and the person you hear screaming... is yourself.

Here is another rumour - innuendo, story, fable, I was recently told:

Once when campaigning, GWB was criticized for not having his own opinions;
President George W. Bush responded:

"I do have opinions of my own,
very strong opinions,
I just don't always agree with them."

"With all it's racism, crime and poverty, New Orleans has kept it's culture alive".

American Experience Documentary - New Orleans

You planetary sister hopes New Orleans culture can now survive the branding of New Orleans.

Preserve all the cultures of New Orleans.

In Peace

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