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Update: February 18, 2008 - As I was awakening this morning I knew intutively that the virus was gone from the sinuses. All praises and thanks

Unfortunately, the nearly two weeks of deep bronchial coughing, have possibly been the cause of sprained ligaments/muscle near the ribs in my right bronchial quadrant. And it hurts! So I must continue to rest. I hope to drive to a herb shop I saw on Carrolton Ave and see if I can get some loose herbs for a tea as soon as I feel strong enough to drive. I credit the remedy of fresh crushed ginger, garlic, and honey as bringing the greatest relief from the bronchial coughing and the rejection from my body of the virus/bacteria. My body smells like a clove of garlic though!

peace. your planetary

On January 26, 2008 your planetary sister began to feel exhausted.

Foolishly, (as I was very exhausted and weak), I rode my bike around the city of New Orleans over Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras. Miles, and miles, and miles.... It was about then, interacting with so many of my planetary brothers and sisters, that I caught the respiratory virus that is going around N'awlins and I have been confined to bed and my home since February 6th.

Being of planetary nature, I have been using many of my plant friends in the healing process as well as other modalities including experimenting on acupuncture points with a cold red laser. (Are you surprised to learn that your planetary sister is experimenting with quantum therapies? I really enjoy reading about particle and quantum physics, even though I am not college educated, nor can I explain to you what I read after reading about it. I just seem to understand the different theories as I read about them and I am fascinated!)

Acquiring this respiratory illness on the heels of being exhausted has created a need for a long recovery process requiring a lot of rest. This means that I may not be back volunteering and blogging until the first of March.

This physical limitation - a tendency towards exhaustion - is ironically part of the reason I can be here in New Orleans donating so much of my time and energies. Exhaustion is also a reality based limitation and I must be careful and more mindful if I would like to continue to serve in New Orleans in the ways that bring me so much joy.

I may be posting in February, if and when I feel I have the energy and wherewithall.

I will definitely be posting and back on the streets of NOLA in early March.

Thank you for your readership.

Peace. Jah bless.
your PLANETARY sister.

p.s. Here's what I have been doing to help my body heal: lot's of natural antibiotics, garlic, echinecea, goldenseal, mullien for the lungs, probiotics. I have been boiling pots of water and keeping my house really humid and moist. Hot salt baths and wrapping up warmly before bed. I spit out everything. Try fasting and drinking veggie juices. If not go for fasting with fruit. The Kombucha green drinks are really helpful. Organic chicken soup for those who eat chicken, with shitaki mushrooms, lots of parsley, celery and garlic, don't forget the carrots and lots of pepper. Someone gave me his mothers recipe of pulping some ginger, adding a clove of garlic (optional, but better with it) and honey. Let the mixture sit in hot water in a covered cup for about 3 minutes, then sip. I found that it tastes horrible, works great in nurturing the deep bronchial cough. Sambucol (elderberries) syrup during the day and at night for a week, I needed to use the horrible blue Nyquil at night to sleep through the night. I always have Riccola cough drops nearby.

And I keep drinking lots of warm fluids like hot water, lemon and honey; hot water maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice; and herbal teas that I resonate with.

I have noticed a positive unlooked for outcome of this respiratory infection -- my lungs are getting a spring cleaning that has been overdue by some years.

Bless. Bless.

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