Friday, February 1, 2008


Valentine greetings to my planetary brothers and sisters.

Your planetary sister has been resting since the 26th of January and hopes to continue to do so until Wednesday February 6, 2008.

New Orleans has offered your planetary sister many opportunities to learn about loving her planetary brothers and sisters as well as how to manage down time and resting.

The greatest challenge for your planetary sister is learning how to be present with the suffering of those she encounters without becoming overwhelmed. This is what I can share with you so far about what I have been learning:

It seems as planetary beings we are organically hardwired to cope with stressful situations that occur to us and there seems to be a survivor consciousness that emerges in the face of suffering when the suffering is yours.

The greater challenge it seems to your planetary sister, involves being present for and with the suffering which may be occurring to those whom you love, care about, or feel concern for. It is a great psychological, spiritual, and emotional challenge to feel your feelings of powerlessness in the presence of suffering and to wait for guidance as to whether we are to 'do' or 'be with' those who are suffering. Your planetary sister can confirm how difficult it can be to open your planetary heart as much as you possibly can and 'be with,' without emotionally collapsing.

Your planetary sisters particular challenge is how to "be" with the suffering she encounters and not become overwhelmed by these energies. Many people have told your planetary sister over the years, "just create a protective bubble around you", or "you have to turn your heart off, etc.". This may be a necessary route for other planetary beings to follow in the service work they are doing, and your planetary sister honours their path.

The path for your planetary sister, seems to involve keeping her heart as open as possible in the presence of suffering. Service in New Orleans has helped your planetary sister see where her limitations leave great gaps in her capabilities and where more learning is needed. And I credit the loving people of New Orleans whom I have met, who have suffered so greatly, as being my greatest and often most hallowed of teachers, offering me many valuable lessons through their personal courage, integrity, and faith, (and in some cases, not having any of these qualities has taught her much also!)

February 2, 2007 marks your planetary sisters one year anniversary of service work in the beautiful city of New Orleans. I humbly thank the residents and neighborhoods of New Orleans who have welcomed your planetary sister into their hearts, their homes, their communities, and their lives. I offer sincere apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently let down through a promise made and not followed through, or a story that was not told which still awaits, sometimes 6-8 months later. I apologize for not being able to go back and visit so many wonderful New Orleanians who have welcomed me into their homes as family. How often when I am lacking humility, I wish there was more of me, that I was physically stronger, so that I might be able to do more and be "with" my planetary brothers and sisters more.

New Orleans, nay New Orleanians, inspire me to give of myself more, to 'be with' those whom I meet in the moment more, to love more.

So in this month of celebrating the LOVE, let us celebrate loving each other without the limitations of loving celebrations being exclusively for those who love each other romantically. Let us celebrate planetary love. Let us try to find a way each day this month, to love more. Most of all, let us try collectively, to the best of our innate abilities, to love our planetary brothers and sisters more, especially those who we deem as "other" or as strangers.

Jah Bless. Jah Guide. One Love.
your planetary sister

“The highest spiritual practice is to transform love into service.”

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