Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7TH WARD ARTIST: SAMUEL LEE JOHNSON ' "Prophet is the knowledge. Knowledge is knowing the Prophet."

"What man calls trash - God calls good."
- Samuel Lee quoting Christian scripture

The water in the green bottle on the altar is Katrina water. The skull symbolizes all the animals that died. The cup is for when people come home - to enjoy when the come back home, the cup of life. The dogs at either side of the altar are for the dogs that stayed faithful and waited for their masters, they are protecting the city. Many of the animals didn't want to leave after the storm. When you've adapted to a place you don't want to leave. Many of them died waiting for their masters to return, some rescued. In front of the altar is the wishing well for the people to make wishes in for their new futures.

"See how strong they {the people of New Orleans} are comin back home"
-Samuel Lee Johnson

Pauger Street, 7th Ward, New Orleans, March 16, 2008

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