Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I am posting and volunteering again. Not at full speed yet as I still can feel pain in my right lung from the pneumonia, which is the body's way of reminding me "push yourself too hard, too soon, and the pneumonia will be back!"

One of the more difficult things of not being able to 'do' in the last month was not being able to bring HotHands to the homeless when it was cold. So I am really grateful my first volunteering opportunity involves bringing HotHands, 4 ski caps, and 2 bags of charcoal out for later today and tonight. Thanks to Beth, Dan, Elijah and Noah for the donation funds that bought the charcoal and part of the HotHands.

You know it is really challenging for me to write about what I 'do'. I feel that when I write of it, it somehow leaves the realm of my heart and moves into the the realm of the ego, even if I don't personally get attached to it, it is the fact that you are reading about what I am doing - I guess it has to do with being 'seen'. Here's the conflicting part; I know that I was originally inspired to come to New Orleans to serve by hearing of others being here serving at a Rainbow Gathering in Vermont. And so I try to use this example of how to talk about being in service that may inspire and how to stay humble knowing that there are others here that give and do so very much more than I.

There are planetary brothers and sisters who are still gutting houses. There are others who are helping in the rebuilding, either by volunteering or working for a small stipend for volunteering agencies. I know of one LA Delta Corps volunteer coordinator who volunteers when he can make the time, as in when his is not working (which is almost always when volunteers are here and ready to work). I know of a volunteer who has given so much without pay, who had his van and all his tools stolen who is still volunteering! Then there are those who are working really hard to promote their non-profit volunteering agencies to help the neighborhoods and communities that they feel a resonance with and then working building and being 'with' the communities that they serve. There are so many inspiring planetary brothers and sisters here doing so much more than me. Often they are just too busy to invest what time they have left in maintaining a blog.

Yeah, these are the people I like to write about and meet. They inspire me .

your planetary sister

Thanks Mary for the flowers for the Buddha and I whilst I was ill.

And thanks for getting me groceries and doing the postal stuff too.

Thanks Doran & Mashubi for the gift to buy the OTC's and herbs I needed.

Thanks Ulla for your love and for the help with healing, thanks for listening to me when I was afraid.

Thanks Cole for calling me and making sure I was okay.

Thanks Mrs. G for putting me on the 'prayer line'.

Gratitude and love to my other planetary brothers and sisters that helped me when I was down.

Jah Guide.

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kcno said...

GREAT to have you back in the blogosphere. YOU are really making a difference. Your committment to recovery awareness is admired.