Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Posted by peaceinnola on 03/09/08 at 11:54AM

Whenever one of our citizens is lost to the violence of this city, we plunge closer and closer to that tragic midnight of hopelessness. But in spite of the darkness of these days, we must not despair, for the deaths of our brothers and sisters may lead our city from the low road of man’s inhumanity to the high road of peace and brotherhood.

Against the violence of this city, we possess a powerful weapon: Agape. Let us not be mistaken, Agape is not a passive, quiet or anemic type of love, Agape is a divine love. Agape is a redemptive, creative, understanding good will to humanity. When we rise to this level of love, we overflow with a faith in humanity. When we rise to this level of love, we bring love into action and when we rise to this level of love, we possess the courage to forge chaos into community.

This love might be the salvation for this city. For this love proves to even the most faithfully faithless that behind the harsh and chaotic appearances of the universe there is still a benevolent and unified force.

So to take the first stride toward the unity of community, we are gathering up the forces of good will and creating ‘The Moment of Silence.’ During the old ages of this city, whenever a valued life was destroyed by the degrading vortex of violence, their bright and beloved personality perished in the dark infernos of nobodiness. But no longer. No longer will we passively accept this violence. No longer will we sit quietly amidst the chaos. For today we will rise up in a massive act of Agape. Together we will stand to honor those citizens who saw through the storms of sorrow, waded through the waters of weariness and forged through the floods of futility, only to be tragically lost to the vast red sea of man’s inhumanity. These sacred souls will not be forgotten in the newspapers of yesterday. No, together we will collectively assert that all human personalities are worthy of reverence and remembrance.

Every Tuesday evening at six o’clock, rain or shine, we will unite where the street named Liberty meets the boulevard named Martin Luther King. There, we will take our first stride toward the beloved community.

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