Sunday, March 16, 2008

MARGARET TROTTER - - "Don't let that smile misguide ya - this woman has known suffering" - - HOLLYGROVE, NEW ORLEANS RESIDENT 2008

Written by the hand of Margaret Trotter: Thursday March 13, 2008

"The energy bill is so high and Entergy is charging customers extreme high gas prices to use no gas because you have Entergy on and prices are charged to you."

(a planetary note: I had this same problem and had the gas turned off until needed in the cold months. See last years POSTKARINA2007.BLOGSPOT.COM rant and posts: CORRUPT CORPORATIONS AND SOCIETAL "APATHETIC" CONDITIONING An Encounter with Entergy"

"{The} Sewage and Water Board was charging people $15 per month after Katrina September 2005, and up until now you still have to pay $1,000 bills to the city and your house has to be inspected with new fixtures or your water will be turned off."

"This is my plea - to bring our people home and live happily ever after without
so much stress."

--Margaret Cleary-Trotter, Hollygrove, LA

With high Entergy bills and water bills most of us will be homeless unless some drastic good news is offered to the people by our government who's supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world. This is my plea - to bring our people home and live happily ever after without so much stress."


"... don't even have a house on her property and she has a $2500 water bill." "...I know of an elderly lady with a $900 water bill." - Mario Septer, Mary Trotter and neighbors in Hollygrove, New Orleans neighborhood with broken water line on their block.


continued narrative of Mary Trotter:

"I was a videophotographer of New Orleans and I videoed Jazz funerals, second lines, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding and church functions."

"Being from New Orleans I was just fascinated with my camera I bought from radio Shack in New Orleans. I went out and explored New Orleans and even American Odol when it was at the Superdome in 2005. {The} footage kept me smiling when I was crying."

During Katrina I went to NSW in Natchitoches, LA to bring my daughter to college and a school teacher by the name of Avis Jackson provided me with money $250 and a care to bring my daughter Pieatra to scholL. I am looking for her and 3
years almost has past not knowing where she is. HELP! {she writes in bold letters} "

"Natchitoches, LA" was good to the 750 evacuees in the gym room and I would like to thank the Police Chief, Northwestern St. University, Mayor and especially that cafeteria staff who gave us a hot and nutritious meal everyday which so many of us didn't have during that time."

Love, peace, and soul, Margaret Trotter

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