Monday, March 17, 2008


See this little girl, Jaylin Dauzart... this is her story. As I was talking to her grandmother Diane W. Jackson of Allen & N Miro, New Orleans, Jaylin was watching me photograph herself, her brother, and her grandmother (with permission asked - respect.) When I look at the slide show shots I can see Jaylin discovering who I am and then I watch her, enlightened, walk towards me, smiling, heart wide open with wild flowers in her hand for me.

She reached out and gave me one of two wild flowers she had picked, the little purple one, she kept the white flower for herself. "She just loves to give out flowers to people Diane Jackson tells me."

Then this incredible spiritual being, embodied in this sweet little girl, reaches up for a hug. I kneel down to her and she hugs me. A real hug, no pulling back, no tension. A hug that lasts longer than the usual hug with 2 adults. Or with most children I encounter. I felt as if I was in the arms of a child of God. It was the purest experience of unconditional love in the moment, and I was so grateful as a planetary sister in the streets who has taken in so many stories of suffering by that Sunday afternoon. March 16, 2008

WoW... This child of God understood how to give a hug with her whole self, heart and soul...

"I needed that" I told her." She smiled at me and hugged me 1 more time.

"She does that all the time," her grandmother Diane W. Jackson tells me as she crosses the street with her grandson Jason Duazart, Jr.

When they left I took Jaylin's wildflower and put it in my shirt close to my heart.

OnE LoVe

Diane W. Jackson, Jaylin and her brother Jason Dauzart, Jr.
2200 block of Allen Street leaving church on Palm Sunday
New Orleans, LA March 16, 2008

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