Sunday, March 16, 2008


I met Margaret Trotter-Cleary whilst standing on the street speaking with Tommy above (left) from "Locations" catering. The Louisiana krewe of Locations were feeding "the film crew" for a movie which was being shot in New Orleans last week.

Margaret Trotter came driving by in her cruiser - The Camera Lady, having her unique New Orleans experience, which end up being the Wonders of Margaret, which she films, writes poetry abouts, writes music for, and performs. Margaret was driving by and I think she thought by looking at my camera Nikon D40 (which I paid for out of a gift given to me for dental care by the by...), that I was associated with the film. She soon found out I wasn't but that I was interested in her and her story. Which I found out later Margaret has been on CNN and been interviewed by other news agencies. In the following photo's Margaret is performing her post-Katrina song "What are We Gonna do After the Storm" for me which is breathtakingly poignant and beautifully sung. There must be a tribe-a family- that were brought here as slaves that were singers. One of the Twelve Tribes? Mrs. Gaines must be somehow related to such a family.

Even when Margaret found out I wasn't a big deal when it came to any sort of news prestige, her huge heart and spirit still had much to share with me about herself and her ordeals. My interactions with her reminded me other New Orleanians who had had so much news coverage on them in a time of naked crisis.

I asked Margaret if she would like to write down what was most important to her right not in her rebuilding process - this is what she wrote by her own hand - Margaret told me that they can't afford a computer yet so she is not online yet. When I asked her about the smell of mold in the house, (a health hazard down here in New Orleans in the hot, humid tropical weather they call summers-except for those with air purifiers) Margaret told me that they have to still work to do to finish the gutted out other half of the shotgun they live in which helps pay the bills.

For you Margaret when you get online... you've got some google links connecting your name to your business, to your story as a Katrina flood evacuee and to your beloved New Orleans. peace.

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