Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SHOCK DOCTRINE IN ACTION NOLA: SEWAGE & WATER - broken water lines = high bills for post-Katrina levy failure NOLA residents - many just returning.

SHOCK DOCTRINE IN NEW ORLEANS political policies in action:

read more at: BLAGUEUR New Orleans blog.

This broken water line is brought to you by the city of New Orleans...

paid for by the residents WHO CAN LEAST AFFORD IT. Shockingly, people who do not even have homes on their properties, elderly, low income homeowners struggling to rebuild, fixed incomers... AND WHEN THEY RETURN to REBUILD or GET THEIR SERVICES TURNED ON - POP! a HUGE water bill is waiting for them. They don't pay - they don't have water. Many of these returning residents don't have a clue how their water bills could be so high. Especially the elderly.

Well what shall our public servants - our government "of the people" - do?

Why not a private a market solution????


"WE the people" lose our water rights. Corporations not the people will own the water.

let's not go there...

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