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I posted a comment this morning at 11 a.m. concerning Yon Gaines death on the discussion board following the article concerning his murder last night a block away from my home.

When I returned this afternoon my comment had been removed. The next 2 postings are 2 more comments I made which were promptly taken off of the discussion board.

What bothers me about this is that I rarely read's discussion boards because they allow hateful and blatantly racist remarks. Read some of their other articles and you will be shocked. I only commented on this board because I felt connected to the events and wanted to share a compassionate version from a neighbor of the events surrounding Yon Gaines death.

I can't even say shame on you because it is apparent that you have no shame, my words would just be deleted.


Posted by onemessenger on 03/09/08 at 2:51PM

I posted a kind and thoughtfully expressed comment between dumbprole on 03/09/08 at 10:06AM and ecg5757 on 03/09/08 at 11:02AM

I was censored off this board by a newspaper.

If you would like to read a neighbors take on what occurred last night when Yon was shot and died on our street, Pitt Street, please visit my blog at

peaceinnola on 03/09/08 at 11:54AM I would like to post your comment on my blog to help raise awareness of

Yon Gaines was just not another statistic. He was our brother. And our white brothers and sisters need to come out of their fortresses without their dogs and become a part of the community interacting with their neighbors, especially when their presence is a part of gentrification. And our black brothers need to find hope in a city still prone to racism, classism and a culture that glorifies the "notorious".

And I think my first comment was deemed inappropriate because I was honest enough to talk about my perceptions of the racism and classism - especially UPTOWN!


I was still really upset by being unfairly censored so I posted this second comment a few minutes later:

You know what really bothers me about being censored?

I don't usually read these discussion boards because I am horrified at the levels of racist and hateful remarks that are allowed and tolerated.

My remarks were honest observations of someone living in the neighborhood about the effects of racism and classism. Thoughtful, kind, and tough comments that reflected intelligence, compassion and awareness.

And remarks like mine were censored and remarks of hate and racism are allowed to remain.

I guess "everything about New Orleans" just taught me something new about New Orleans and how they use their power.

I don't believe I will ever post here again and will be leery to trust news I read on this site again. Yes I am upset. I am upset that a newspaper would allow racism and hateful comments and take down a comment that dared to speak to the old power structures that profit off of the racism and hate.

3:30 p.m. :
Both of these comments have also been removed from the discussion board by

If you can stand it, go back and read other stories where the racist and hate filled comments I speak of in my posting fill discussion boards. What a disgrace.

And thanks for validating my assertions about press manipulation.

Here is the discussion board link: Man Gunned Down in Uptown

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