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Lots of people have been asking about the status of new orleans housing. Here is a brief update. thanks to bill for putting this together.


New Orleans Public & Affordable Housing Update March 25, 2008 Public Housing: Demolition has begun at C.J. Peete, B.W. Cooper and St. Bernard. New Orleans Mayor Nagin has given the green light for the demolition to proceed at Lafitte and is expected soon.


Last week there were civil disobedience arrests at St. Bernard and Lafitte, brining to several dozen total arrests so far. United Nations experts on housing and minority rights have criticized the demolition of public housing in New Orleans calling it a violation of international human rights.


HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson is under FBI investigation for actions taken in several places across the US , including New Orleans , and has been asked to resign by two U.S. Senators.


All legal challenges in federal court have been denied and are on appeal to the U.S. Fifth Circuit – unfortunately the Fifth Circuit has refused to fast track the appeals so no decisions are expected for months. Internationally, New Orleans expects to join the Zero Evictions Campaign.

Look for developments at:

The companies who are the developers of new housing on the site of 4500 units of soon to be demolished public housing in New Orleans are: C.J. Peete – McCormack Baron Salazar and KAI Design & Build B.W. Cooper – KBK and BWC Resident Management Corporation St. Bernard – Fore! Kids Foundation, Columbia Residential (former partners of HUD Secretary Jackson) and Baton Rouge Area Foundation Lafitte – Providence Community Housing and Enterprise Community Partners


Other Affordable Housing Update: FEMA has begun moving 30,000 hurricane displaced families out of trailers across the gulf – despite severe housing shortage. Policy Link documents that only 2 of 5 Louisiana renters who need affordable housing can expect to find it. They also document that even when all the planned subsidized housing in New Orleans is rebuilt (and we are a long way from that point today) the total will reduce the amount of subsidized housing by about two-thirds that existed before Katrina.


City of New Orleans is working hard to criminalize homelessness and expects to pass a new ordinance in April to allow the arrest of homeless people who sleep on the street. New Orleans homeless population has doubled since Katrina. Experts now estimate that 1 in 25 people in New Orleans is homeless, the highest rate in the nation.


How to Help:

Watch the Zero Evictions Website and support the campaign:

Contact Elected Officials:

George Bush – President - (202) 456-1111 Ask him to fire Alphonso Jackson Alphonso Jackson,Sec. of HUD - (202) 708-1112 Ask him to resign

Mary Landrieu - Senator (202) 224-5824; Fax: 202-224-9735 Ask her to insist on one to one replacement of all demolished public housing

David Vitter - Senator (504) 589-2753, DC Office (202) 224-4623 Ask him to resign and open a private law firm with Eliott Spitzer (Spitzer & Vitter – specializing in discreet representation); if not, support one for one replacement.

End update.

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I hope you are visiting this blog because you work for “We the People” and really care about issues of the people you are sworn to serve... I sure hope as a citizen of a "free" republic and democracy, that members of the Department of Justice ( are NOT visiting this blog in the frequent manner you seem to, after I post public housing notices because you are monitoring me or those serving the needs of the people through activism. I sure hope as a fellow citizen of "We the People" that you are NOT reading this blog because the civil rights actions and activism of myself and those helping the poor, are considered to be part of a “Home Grown Radical Terrorist” cell that must be monitored…

You watching me and me watching you…

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