Saturday, March 8, 2008


10:18 P.M.

I went up the street to the spot where the young man Yon died from gunshot wounds and brought a candle to pray.

The NOPP private security guy came by on the deserted peaceful street first and we talk about this young mans death and the memories and experiences this young man would never have that this security man who was much older had had. I went to the spot where he died and I kneeled and lit my candle under the street light near the spot where Yon died, which is the ''white' section of this street. My white neighbors called the police on me. I am right under the street light, they can see my bright blond head and my red poncho. I am kneeling with a lit votive candle. The first time he cruised by me with lights flashing, I asked him if he was stopping to pray with me, he said no and drove around the block. Then when he came back he parked with his lights blaring on me, when that did not interrupt my prayer, where I was bent on one knee to the ground with my hands in a prayer stance and my head bowed, he got out of the car and asked me to leave.

It seems the back of my feet were by my neighbors drive way. I said then I will just stand here in the street. "No ma'am he said, you have to leave, the neighbors don't want you here, they want to pull their car in." I looked around for a car waiting up or down the street, there was none. Then he said to me, "the neighbors don't want you here, your making them nervous." I looked at him amazed and said, I am a woman they know as a neighbor, with blonde hair and a identifying bright red poncho under the street light praying with a lit candle after a young man was just shot down and left to die in this spot and you are telling me I cannot pray for him?" "It's not that ma'am he says to me". "Yes it is, I cannot pray for him, you are asking me to leave for kneeling here and praying for him."

As I began to walk back to my house the neighbor who called the police stuck his head out and thanked the cop and I heard them talking. I walked back to my house and wrote this. If it was the section of Pitt Street where my black neighbors lived, no one would have called the police on me, they would have come out and prayed with me after figuring out in a few moments what I was doing.

I got at least 10 good minutes of prayer in and I offered to help Yon's soul in anyway I could on his journey back to the Light.

Will you finish my prayers for me?

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