Thursday, April 17, 2008

"FIRST JESUS WALKED ON WATER, THEN CAME THE SURFBOARD - Joshua Copen: A New Orlean's SURF'S UP to my friend Joshua Copen in Western MA

Sometimes your Planetary Sister will post something that is New Orleans related to her work here, being the only connection AND a certain story touches my heart. This following posting is about a friend of mine from Western MA where I came from, pre-New Orleans - Post Katrina 2007. Joshua in all that I know of him is an excellent surfer, mariner, and evolving human being, He is a good, gentle, a truly kind person, and to have this sort of thing happen to him makes me feel so happy for him and good inside of my own heart! Surfing means so much to his spirit and wouldn't you know it, his spirit found a way to ride the waves on the river in the most landlocked, tree canopied place in Western Massachusetts....

Riding the River's Waves

Story Published: Apr 16, 2008 at 6:36 PM EDT
Story Updated: Apr 16, 2008 at 7:07 PM EDT

By Lesley Tanner

The warm weather has Western Mass residents heading outdoors for lots of springtime activities, but the call of the water has one Easthampton man turning from a beach bum into a river rat.

"I've surfed many places including Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and this is very unusual," says Joshua Copen.

He has caught waves all over the world, and now he's taking to the waters of a different type of surf city right in Western Mass.

"I only have to drive ten minutes instead of two hours," says Copen. "It's a place where I can find serenity out there on the river."

Location isn't the only advantage to surfing the waves of the Connecticut River in Holyoke. The river's unique current helps Copen avoid the dreaded wipe out.

"The wave itself doesn't actually go anywhere, the wave continuously breaks," says Copen. "You don't have a crowd of people you need to fight the wave for and you can surf it for as long as you want.

"A wave in the ocean is hard to catch and you're never guaranteed a long ride."

A ride Copen describes as a spiritual experience.

"First Jesus walked on water, then came the surfboard," says Copen.


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