Sunday, April 6, 2008



Dear Ones,

For those of you who have been taking part in One World Meditations, we are instituting a schedule change that will take effect on Wednesday, April 9th, and Thursday, April 10th, that will bring into alignment U.S.A. time zones for Daylight Savings Time and Eastern Standard Time with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on a year-round basis. This is not the case at present.

During Eastern Standard Time, when the clocks are turned back in the Fall, the difference between New York and London time is five hours and between San Francisco and London time, 8 hours. When the clocks are moved forward in the Spring, the difference in time between New York and London is four hours and between San Francisco and London, seven hours.

Since we would like everyone, no matter where they are located, to be meditating at the same time, we have decided to KEEP GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT) CONSTANT ALL YEAR, and to vary the U.S. times for One World Meditations.

Here is the new schedule.

Please note the change on Thursdays for U.S. participants beginning April 10th.


WORLDWIDE - Wednesdays: 9:00PM (EDT, 6:00PM (PDT),
01:00 (GMT) 2PM Thurs. (NZ)
in the FALL this will change to
8:00PM (EST), 5:00PM (PST), 01:00 (GMT)

if you can't make WEDNESDAY... a worldwide supplemental meditation...

Thursdays: 3:00PM (EDT), 12Noon (PDT)
19:00 (GMT) 8AM. Fri. (NZ)

in the FALL this will change to
2:00PM (EST), 11AM (PST), 19:00 (GMT)


We hope that this change will not create a great inconvenience for you at this time. In the long run, it will enable us to be more effective in the combined effort, worldwide, that we are engaged in together.

In order to receive ongoing updates about One World Meditations including a reminder of the schedule change in the Fall, please join our mailing list. This will also help us unify the community of participants that are taking part in this effort, worldwide.

Blessings. Julie Redstone

* * *

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