Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hey I am sorry you haven't heard from me... in the last 36 days a neighbor of mine was shot in the head, then kicked out of the car into the street, left to die. In the last 23 days the other half of my shotgun was robbed, the neighbor who was robbed moved out that very night leaving the other side eerily empty until 2 days ago.

In the last 4 days I came home to my house being totally tossed from a break-in. aND THEN THE THING THAT REALLY HURT... last night someone came by and stole my white plastic chair from the front of the house that I brought from the back for people to sit on when they were visiting me... YIKES!!! Things around me are a little rough lately and it has been tougher to find the wherewithall to get my posts out. I have about 30 waiting in various stages of editing... just waitin to be born....

I am getting the place back into sanctity/harmony and am super busy trying to get seedlings started and the Givin Garden growing to share in the streets with people I meet, {I have created"family-pack" containers for their families who are just moving back in, or still in a FEMA trailers}, and I am trying to keep a few plants to make a few shekels from their harvest so that I can supplement what I have been giving out and not eating myself. "family-pack" container has 5 different veggies in it. family - a variety of seeds... designed to grow in the planetary setting....

I have been in far too many neighborhoods without supermarkets nearby (This can be a hardship for many New Orleanians whom I meet, who have never had a drivers liscense.) I have noticed when I stop in the local corner stores... well they have no fresh greens and veggies.

There are many grass-root (lol) individuals and organizations who have been doing far more than I am doing. Whom I a meeting as a result of this sacred project. The largest that I know of so far is Parkway Partners - the Public Land Trust are working to create and maintain community gardens which is awesome. Ask for Macon Fry the Gardener guy if you want to volunteer.

That is where the containers and some of the tomato plants came from (they were ill, and then the poor things, I put them into soil with too much caffeine in them! They are in "sick bay" recovering and I have bought some more tomato plants to replace them) In the beginning of this project - I have never planted food - I have kept house plants and flowers - so the direction from Macon Fry the Gardener Guy was so helpful. So was my contact with Kris over at the Food & Farm Network.

The guidance I received that inspired this sacred task was to give out plants to people I have met over the year, and those whom I meet who are just starting to think about the possibility of a garden, and to share fresh veggies with some of my neighbors.

In the next few days it is time to begin getting the pots and soil ready and begin planting the okra, avocado's, basil, and some corn. I've got lot's more veggies already growing in containers...

More pictures to come. There is a posting which has been in the works for a few days which I hope to get it up before Friday.

FYI my laptop is going in for some repairs on Friday/Monday and so I will be out of cyber commission until it is brought back into wholeness. Which gives me plenty of time to devote to the living plants that are just babies right now...

As I shared, I have about 30 posts in various stages of editing. And I am pretty much on my own with the Givin Garden project which I have created - even though people are often saying to me "I want to help", "I'll come over" and taking my phone number... All offers have been well intentioned and meaning it in the moment... {I think the level of violence around me is making me feel a little heavier in spirit} and except for my friend Nature, who was there and worked harder than me in the initial planting and organizing, I am really grateful for his help. These beings I have called forth-the plants are living entities with time specific needs at this point in their growing process, are getting most of my attention. Yesterday was my first full day back in the garden and I work at night and during the day. At night there feral kitties hang around me. Each of them interacting with me (even by not). There has been one new one who has a large beautiful head, small body, really large ears and eyes that are so deep. And this little being is doing things and responding to things that just shouldn't be. She is a city-kitty so she is a tolerant of humans/feral. Okay, there I go off on another tangent of consciousness....

Working with the plants and outside listening to the animals and life around me (when I am not playing music myself) is so good for my spirit and if you have ever read the book "the Secret Life of Plants" you would know why people in the 60'70's were talking about "hugging a tree". These sweet beings-plants are struggling and making it through (my lack of experience) AND the hearts of those who have been helping when and where they feel called to offer have noursihed them as the waters - Christine has helped with soil and through my grocery donation/gift I receive from her, I have been buying plants when I can and seeds. Nature Man did a lot of the planting of the first batch and putting soil into pots with me organizing everything. Travis over at ECOURBAN gave me a good deal on the soil. And a woman called Annette whom I met in the line at Walmart bought 3 of the tomato plants to give away - her sister is rebuilding in New Orleans East and she wanted to be a part of the Givin Garden project. My neighbor, the little Bodhisattva st. Mary gave $20 one day and told me to get something to eat and put the rest towards the plants and my project. All my neighbors have been totally cool and supportive, with the little bit of concrete we have being filled up with plants and creeping into their private spaces... Thank you everyone for your support and help.

If it wasn't 2 in the morning and I wasn't so tired I could write more, but I have been working 14+ hour days since the break-in trying to clean-up, catch-up, answer e-mails and most of all show up in the moment when love comes checkin for me.

love and blessings.
Jah bless and guide you.
your weary and grateful, planetary sister.

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