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Sorry dear readers you have not had many new posts to contemplate...

Since recovering from pneumonia and exhaustion, I went back into the streets and shared in some really traumatizing events with the people going through them. I also had the blessing to go out with Elodie a photographer from France and Daniel from Germany.

Besides the photo's (about 2500) I shot when I was out with them in the city, (mine are mostly archival - including documentation of (what I perceive as the) UNFAIRNESS of Road Home monies distribution. I have witnessed how neighborhoods who were not even flooded have been busy repairing and upgrading their homes; and how Audubon Park already full of healthy trees are getting more trees whilst whole sections of the city have none!!!

April 2008 7th Ward New Orleans

And I have photographed neighborhoods that suffered not only the psychological traumas associated with being left in flood waters up to 6 days waiting with out food, water, and in many cases privacy or covering in the hot sun in too many cases - how these very communities continue to suffer from the same version of "Compassionate Conservatism" Post Katrina coming up 3 years after the post-Katrina levee failures. OUTRAGEOUS.

Here's my intention: I want to get up as many photo's and postings as I can before the 3rd anniversary of the failure of the levee's and the flooding, in August. For those seeking info because they care, for the displaced New Orleanians whose hearts are never far from their beloved city, for volunteers, for grant writers, for academics, for students - especially the children, so that they have one of many sources of the experiences and stories of the people of New Orleans of African decent - albeit from a woman of the white nation. Internally I give thanks for the Light that feeds my body, my heart, and my mind to do this, as I am competing against the likes of brand New Orlean$ and, politicians, people with much influence and $$$, and the tourism bureau - which are marketing another New Orleans reality that has very little to do with the reality of those trying to rebuild their lives. Those behind and aligned with brand New Orlean$ have the money and power to change the demographics of this Chocolate city one neighborhood at a time into "their likeness and image". Think Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Orlando, The Big Apple - tourism destinations - but this one is the festival tourism destination. Think gridlock, gridlock, gridlock, union free jobs in a service industry and the local colleges become Ivy League standard - populating neighborhoods and creating more streets like Broadway near Tulane. Communities full of students, many of whom are so rude, who were not taught how to live with others adults in an adult manner.

How ironic as thousands to come "indulge in the pleasures of New Orleans," so many live in crippling poverty and undue social & economic hardship. MOST ESPECIALLY POST KATRINA! I thought the storm had ripped the cover of silence off of what had been happening - yet it seems there is still not enough oversight.

Many of the people who have much to say are working, living in FEMA trailers and rebuilding. Many of the hundreds of people I have met and spoke with don't have the time or energy to document what is going on around and to them and those they know - they are living it. I am blessed to be invited into their lives and share with permission, what is happening with you my readers.

That's my agenda. That's what my photo's reflect and many of my postings will reflect. I did not create this agenda - I found it through my camera lens. I also found the people of the heart - the New Orleanians of African heritage, who have struggled through tribulations and sufferings that you and I, the sons and daughters of white privilege - social, economic, educational, civil rights privilege(s) - could never imagine, nor endure. I have watched, encountered and have been blessed to meet, since February 2, 2007, during the post-Katrina levee failure recovery process, people in various stages of profound SUFFERING, HARDSHIP, and TRIBULATION. These New Orleanians have shown me what faithfulness, patience, stalwartness, trust, righteous anger, what it is like to be hurt, betrayed and ignored, AND what dignity and integrity looks like in the face of, injustice, unfairness, classism and racism. What a friend of mine calls this government - BABYLON - an often unjust, arrogant, and at times, just plain racist and greedy group of peoples who claim to come in the name of the Light and in truth. Yet when oversight is instituted and one watches their agendas's and who they really are is seen in the proverbial "fruits of their deeds". I have seen in New Orleans post-Katrina that the people of Babylon really come in the name of the almighty dollar, personal enrichment, personal power, and the darkness that lurks within their hearts and unconsciousness's' - cleverly disguised as compassionate conservatism...

Now I know why President elect George W. Bush said when asked who his favorite philosopher was, President elect George Bush named "Jesus". "By the fruits of his deeds a man shall be known," Christian scripture teaches. President elect George W. Bush could not have been more clear and honest with everyone who heard his words. He has reminded us, and told this nation and the world repeatedly how he loves Jesus. His deeds show that he believes Jesus's teachings to be "philosophies". Something to be admired not practiced.

I have watched and experienced far too often in the streets of New Orleans those who have privilege, who indulge themselves, whilst they criticize* and ignore the plights of their brethren who have not been given a fair share of the so called "American Dream". I have watched these self absorbent, self indulgent,(this includes the indulgences of associated family as well) and selfish behaviors which I watch as a witness, unfold in the midst of incredible poverty...

And I am saddened to report that the majority of the people who enjoy many "privileges" in the city of New Orleans are Caucasian, lower to middle to upper class, whilst the majority race in numbers - which makes New Orleans the beautiful Chocolate city that it is, suffers the most hardship, the worst schools if they are even open, and live in ASTOUNDING and GRINDING poverty. I am noticing that a few relief agencies are just reaching some communities!

*How do I know this?" Cause I am a kind, tall, blonde by Clairol, Caucasian woman, with a big smile who is frequently mistaken as "safe" to speak racist remarks to.... Oooops. For them.

SO here is the Planetary scoop on postings and photo's...

I have been taking EFW (expectation free week). I am only writing this today because I "want" to. Otherwise, I have been resting, hanging out with planetary brethren and sistern, and my animal brethren and sistern; and planting plants to be given away as gifts the next time I go out into the streets of the city.

My intention is to begin writing and posting for the next 3 weeks starting one day next week - I am waiting for the assistance of the Light as this is intense work. I have been editing and sorting into files, the thousands of photo's I have taken just in the last 4 months! It is a lot of work and it is draining as too many of the images are profound in their silent suffering. There are more images of hope this spring then there were last spring - but outrageous suffering continues and my heart takes it all in through my eyes...

your planetary sister...

Jah Guide.
Blessings to you and those you love.
Blessings to all who suffer.

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