Saturday, April 19, 2008

SISTER ADDIE'S CANVAS OF LOVE --- my back!--- :>}

Sister Addie - she's 5 years old, her family calls her muffin, and she has got the spiritual knowingness of an 80 year old woman! She glitter glued all of these hearts on my back on Saturday morning.. The very first one she made and asked if she could glue on me with glitter glue is the bottom heart. I have never had children myself and have not spent much time around children.

But when I do, things like this happen to me... KaPOW!!!

My heart could feel through my skin
Sister Addie leaning on me and working on each heart, glitter-gluing them carefully onto her canvas, my back, talking and laughing in one moment, and then deeply concentrating, as she would color each heart
with different colors of glitter glue -- each her unique creation. The experience was made even more enjoyable as I had just taught her how to make cut out hearts with the scissors!

Thanks Chloe for the donation of the various art supplies and beads that made this 3 hour period of heavenly play happen...

peace and love, peace and happiness.

To' be'
to be love,
know Love,
share Love,
'be with '
to be heart-centered
in each moment
as consciously possible...


"...Right now I am commanding you to dance"
--Steel Pulse
(note: my sanctuary was tossed on the same morning this was occuring...)

"Your LOVE is a Light for I."

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