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This tee-shirt is a part of your planetary sister's response to the recent acts of violence and violation in her neighborhood:
In the last 6 weeks in my neighborhood - a 1 block area in New Orleans post-Katrina 2008:
  • 1 murder (gunshot)
  • 2 attempted break-ins
  • 3 robberies
  • 1 break-in with everything gone through but nothing stolen (creepy)
  • The same man who broke into my apartment (seen by a neighbor) and who probably robbed the other side of my shotgun on April 1st, was seen by my new neighbor peeping into our other neighbors window - he sees her seeing him - he then boldly tries to get into her back door as she is calling police.
  • Landlord puts up prison compound like fence a few days ago.
  • Following morning my new neighbors windshield is shattered by a brick.
The house I live in a small double shotgun (2 side by side apartments - has been robbed and violated 4 times since April 1st 2008 - my side -- 2x).

My response: my message:





Prayers for the suffering - there are so many New Orleanians whose children and themselves are at greater risk than myself... Not enough psychiatric beds- the facility specially built for psychiatric care closed as it seems its only problem is with the neighborhood which sits on Audubon Park boundary line.

The neighborhood and Audobon Park - the pimarily (Caucasion) white "promenade of privilege" have now been made safe from those seeking addictions help, psychiatric help . A psychiatric facility built with special rooms for one-to-one sessions as well as group sessions... closed. Thousands of people still suffering the effects of the trauma they endured when the levees failed and the flooding left them and those they loved on roofs, in attics, on fences, on roads - left for days as helicopters flew over them.

Local New Orleans residents protest re-opening of Tulane/DePaul Psychiatric Hospital


The people in the helicopters - many news helicopters not even dropping down cases of water or bandages, food - anything. The stories of the sufferings of the New Orleanians (mostly) of African decent are now coming out in my meetings with people in the streets when photographing. Many of the schools in the worse flood affected areas - still closed. Schools with no books for the kids let alone a computer lab... And worse yet - I am writing a posting on this - public housing being destroyed - and new "blow-away" houses being built. Much of the public housing being destroyed all at once. It is psychologically re-traumatizing many - and for those who follow the piper brand NEW Orlean$ - "Hurray we are going to make this city in our image and likeness and brand NEW Orlean$ and the new tourism city we are creating will make us rich, rich, rich.... I watch, I photograph - I see how money is being spent - St. Charles Street, Lee Circle - the CBD - luxury, luxury, luxury - Canal Street, the Quarter, the Garden District - Audubon Park - the peoples in this area - primarily Caucasian - have been renovating, upgrading. Audubon Park which has many many beautiful trees - is getting more trees whilst many neighborhoods have NO TREES.

I forgive whomever robbed me and as many masters have taught since we have been emboding our souls on this planet - I choose love.

I do not give a pass to those who are robbing thousands of people of their culture, their livelihoods, schooling for themselves and their children, health care (Charity Hospital will not be re-opened, Tulane De-Paul Psychiatric Facility - closed); I do not give a pass to the people who are buying up neighborhoods and forcing gentrification and racial changes that are not natural generational migrational patterns but FORCED populating/demographics in traditional African American communities that were on high ground; and I do not give a pass to the Feds, the State, and the local government who work hand-in-hand with the people of brand New Orlean$ - the tourism board.

Remember this if you come to New Orleans as a tourist - there are thousands suffering so you can enjoy your "insulated" sweet ride on the St. Charles street car and look at the lovely mansions that many of those who live in them have been renovating for your pleasure since I have been here in February of 07. Go about 4 or 5 blocks off the specially created tourist paths and see what life is like for far too many - New Orleanians of African decent - and meet some of the most beautiful peoples that your heart will never forget.

bénédictions des anges pour les victimes de la tribulation...

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