Sunday, June 1, 2008

BUFFALO SOLDIER TROY JACOBS (Buddha) 2nd Line New Orleans: May 31, 2008

"Troy would want to be remembered as joy."

"He always did for others and himself last. It is hard to replace people like that. So hard to come by, so hard to come by... He will not be forgotten. He touched their lives, he touched mine."
-Jerome Daniels

"A Celebration of Life"

"...this horse (Boss - without rider) doesn't understand this is a celebration.
His celebration is his owner on his back."
--Leonard Acklin

"It is an honor to leave Boss with me. It is an honor and a privilege. I trained Boss... that horse dances. I broke him and everything... Troy left him to me. We would ride together. He was like a brother to me. Outside of horses... we're still friends."

-Shorty Whop, Buffalo Soldier


Anonymous said...

Troy's homecoming was an amazing celebration for an awesome man. He is really blessed and will be greatly missed. Ride on Buddha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Although I never had the chance to meet Troy, through your photo documentation of his homecoming, I can clearly see how loved he is. Thank you for such a great job!!

mac canty said...

my heart go out to you dee and ms connie i dont know what words to say but my man rst in peace and you are truly loved and will be missed and if it is anything i can do i am here love you both

Karen Curley-Bew said...

Troy was the first born male in the immediate family and he was very special to all of his aunts. He was always the first to come and offer a helping hand. We will truly miss him more than words can express. However, God needed him more and we know that we will see him again.Today Troy's assignment is to watch over his family and friends. We love you Troy...Missing you Auntie Kay Kay

Donald "Lukie" Smith said...

Troy was my best frien and borther I'll truly miss him. I remember all of the good times we have together.Troy touch my life in so many ways, he was there we never I need him he would never tell me NO!My NOMTOC Saturday will be dedicated to you Big Booty as I call him. Thanks Mrs. Connie and Mr. Roy for a job well done. To Jacobs and Curly family I love all of you. RIP Big Booty!!!! Throw me Somthing!!!! Love U Lukie

Monique Senette said...

I cant believe that Troy is no longer here with us. We became very good friends many years ago it is with great honor to have had Troy in my life. All the fun times we had riding in Nomtoc and hanging out at Sheila's . Troy will truly be missed by many people and I know that I'm one of them. Take your rest Troy, job well done. I love you!!! Monique "Neekie" Senette

Melissa said...
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Planetary Sister said...

M - email me. postkatrina2007 at yahoo.

Ericka said...

I miss Troy so much. His sister, Darryl, has been my best friend since we were both three years old and he became my big brother, too. He has not been forgotten....he will ride on forever!