Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wow. Intense 3 weeks since I last posted.

Mrs. G's FEMA trailer burned down as she was finally moving out and into her rebuilt house.

To read Mrs. G's story:

Mrs. G's beloved dog Jazz, the only being who has consistently protected her and stayed faithfully by her since she moved into this trailer - was burned alive in her FEMA trailer. Mrs. G had to listen to her beloved companions cries as she died. Now she has to wait 2 weeks before FEMA can take the burnt shell of the trailer, reeking of chemicals and death - sitting at her front door.

Lately in my life... the gasket went on my engine last week, my mechanic baled on me and took off with a down payment I had given him for other maintenance work that needed to be done, and for the grande finale... tadaah! Yesterday the transmission gear shifter went on my old wagon. My auto trifecta.

I have stopped street work. I am still photographing and archiving.

your planetary sister
p.s. Ms.Elizabeth, by all accounts was last seen in the Quarter 2 weeks ago.

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