Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The Peace Park Project

United for Peace in New Orleans is a coalition of concerned citizens using nonviolent resistance to build peace in New Orleans. On September 20th (International Peace Day), we will be holding a peace pilgrimage. Through art, gifts, song, stories, silence and speeches, we will honor the dignity and worth of all 498 New Orleanians who lost their lives to violence since the Storm.

We will stop at several locations where murders have happened in Central City. To honor the victim, we will pause for a moment of silence, offer a creative act and a gift of peace. Through our gifts of peace we will aim to address the problems that cause the violence in our city.
One of the people we intend to honor is Arthur Mitchell, 15, who was shot in what is now known as the ‘Nicola Cotton Memorial Park’ (Jackson Ave. and S. Robertson). He was playing a game in the park which is across the street from his house and a friend shot him after Arthur won the game. Thanks to the work of NBA Cares, the park was lively and enjoyable place to play for the youth, however, after Arthur’s murder, the park is abandoned.

In honor of Arthur, we will pledge 1,000,000 hours of volunteer service to the park. Every day from 3pm until 7pm, the park would be a place where people and organizations from all over the city can volunteer an hour of their time to engage the youth in a special activity. The activities can range from basketball and football to chess and checkers to debate and writing.

We are asking for community's support on this project. We are asking members of the community and organizations within the community to pledge one hour a week to the million hours of the Peace Park Project. The activity is their choice.

At the march on September 20th, all people and organizations would present what activity they intend to create at the park. Shortly after the march, the volunteering will begin and at the park we will post the activity list for the week along with the amount of hours we have volunteered together.

If you are interested in helping make peace possible in New Orleans, please contact me through email at http://us.mc593.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=chuckoanderson25@yahoo.com or on my cell phone day or night at (908) 328-7956. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Charles Anderson
Founder, United for Peace in New Orleans

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