Thursday, September 4, 2008

[jordannola]: Gustav and New Orleans and More

Friends and Allies,

New Orleans filmmaker Lily Keber and I recently completed our firstwork as correspondents for Democracy Now, with a special report wefilmed in the hours before Gustav landed in Louisiana. The reportfeatures Saket Soni from the New Orleans Workers Center for RacialJustice, Bill Quigley from Loyola Law Clinic, Carol Kolinchak fromJuvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, and many others. We tried tohighlight some of the concerns people feel around both the evacuation,and the state of New Orleans three years after Katrina.The report aired on Democracy Now on Tuesday. Below are two links tothe report, as posted on Youtube.

The first was posted by DemocracyNow and has higher resolution video, but the end is cut off. Thesecond version was posted by us, and is lower-res, but the end isintact. The third link is the link for the entire episode of Democracy Now that aired the report.

For more info and current updates, including info from much harder hitplaces in Louisiana like Houma, and also reports from the virtuallyunmentioned casualties in Haiti, please see the following links:

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and kind wishes.
in solidarity, Jordan

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