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A direct quote from a now homeless post-Katrina 2008 woman who has lived in this city many years but never left her area - her ward - her community, to come "Uptown" New Orleans. She was observing as we drove from mid-city uptown how the areas changes from middle class, to poor neighborhoods. It was in a poorer neighborhood with few inhabitants about.

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FOUND "Old-line families plot the future in New Orleans" - Christopher Cooper, Wall Street Journal - 9/8/2005

A planetary note: This is what I have been speaking to since I arrived. It is what I see through my camera lens. The uneven distribution of recovery funding, the beautification of St. Charles Street, Canal Street, and tourist destinations; and the "block bustin", seemingly "let them rot", attitude I perceive being projected on to the New Orleanians of African American decent. I may not agree with many suppositions in this article, but I believe in enough of what this writer is presciently sharing with us from the "past" September of 2005, New Orleans. The policies and decisions made at that time are still determining the lives of those considered "collateral damage" to
brand New Orlean$. This is what I try to photograph for archival purposes for students and grant writers, and any one else who cares.

It just not President Bush "who doesn't like black people." Racism occur's within it's own race and the mixing of the cultures through the gift of children as well as between different races - i.e. Caucasion European race, the Asian Race, the African Race to name a few.* Racism is the belief that one group of embodied human beings - or race/culture - is more superior than another. Classism is when they have the money to buy the politicians, privatize public institutions designed to help the least amongst us - under funding and ignoring. And last of all sending in troops, money, students, or religious folk, to change the demographics of a population that one race feels is inferior to another.



Old-line families plot the future in New Orleans

Christopher Cooper
Wall Street Journal
Sept. 8, 2005 11:00 AM

NEW ORLEANS - On a sultry morning earlier this week, Ashton O'Dwyer stepped out of his home on this city's grandest street and made a beeline for his neighbor's pool. Wearing nothing but a pair of blue swim trunks and carrying two milk jugs, he drew enough pool water to flush the toilet in his home.

The mostly African-American neighborhoods of New Orleans are largely underwater,
and the people who lived there have scattered across the country. But in many of the predominantly white and more affluent areas, streets are dry and passable. Gracious homes are mostly intact and powered by generators. Wednesday, officials reiterated that all residents must leave New Orleans, but it's still unclear how far they will go to enforce the order.

The green expanse of Audubon Park, in the city's Uptown area, has doubled in recent days as a heliport for the city's rich - and a terminus for the small armies of private security guards who have been dispatched to keep the homes there safe and habitable. O'Dwyer has cellphone service and ice cubes to cool off his highballs in the evening. By Wednesday, the city water service even sprang to life, making the daily trips to his neighbor's pool unnecessary. A pair of oil-company engineers, dispatched by his son-in-law, delivered four cases of water, a box of delicacies including herring with mustard sauce and 15 gallons of generator gasoline.

Despite the disaster that has overwhelmed New Orleans, the city's monied, mostly white elite is hanging on and maneuvering to play a role in the recovery when the floodwaters of Katrina are gone. "New Orleans is ready to be rebuilt. Let's start right here," says Mr. O'Dwyer, standing in his expansive kitchen, next to a counter covered with a jumble of weaponry and electric wires.

More than a few people in Uptown, the fashionable district surrounding St. Charles Ave., have ancestors who arrived here in the 1700s. High society is still dominated by these old-line families, represented today by prominent figures such as former New Orleans Board of Trade President Thomas Westfeldt; Richard Freeman, scion of the family that long owned the city's Coca-Cola bottling plant; and William Boatner Reily, owner of a Louisiana coffee company. Their social pecking order is dictated by the mysterious hierarchy of "krewes," groups with hereditary membership that participate in the annual carnival leading up to Mardi Gras. In recent years, the city's most powerful business circles have expanded to include some newcomers and non-whites, such as Mayor Ray Nagin, the former Cox Communications executive elected in 2002.

Wealthy hire Israelis

A few blocks from Mr. O'Dwyer, in an exclusive gated community known as Audubon Place, is the home of James Reiss, descendent of an old-line Uptown family. He fled Hurricane Katrina just before the storm and returned soon afterward by private helicopter. Mr. Reiss became wealthy as a supplier of electronic systems to shipbuilders, and he serves in Mayor Nagin's administration as chairman of the city's Regional Transit Authority. When New Orleans descended into a spiral of looting and anarchy, Reiss helicoptered in an Israeli security company to guard his Audubon Place house and those of his neighbors.

He says he has been in contact with about 40 other New Orleans business leaders since the storm. Tomorrow, he says, he and some of those leaders plan to be in Dallas, meeting with Mr. Nagin to begin mapping out a future for the city.

The power elite of New Orleans - whether they are still in the city or have moved temporarily to enclaves such as Destin, Fla., and Vail, Colo. - insist the remade city won't simply restore the old order. New Orleans before the flood was burdened by a teeming underclass, substandard schools and a high crime rate. The city has few corporate headquarters.

New City to be white

The new city must be something very different, Mr. Reiss says, with better services and fewer poor people. "Those who want to see this city rebuilt want to see it done in a completely different way: demographically, geographically and politically," he says. "I'm not just speaking for myself here. The way we've been living is not going to happen again, or we're out."

Not every white business leader or prominent family supports that view. Some black leaders and their allies in New Orleans fear that it boils down to preventing large numbers of blacks from returning to the city and eliminating the African-American voting majority. Rep. William Jefferson, a sharecropper's son who was educated at Harvard and is currently serving his eighth term in Congress, points out that the evacuees from New Orleans already have been spread out across many states far from their old home and won't be able to afford to return. "This is an example of poor people forced to make choices because they don't have the money to do otherwise," Mr. Jefferson says.

Calvin Fayard, a wealthy white plaintiffs' lawyer who lives near O'Dwyer, says the mass evacuation could turn a Democratic stronghold into a Republican one. Fayard, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser, says tampering with the city's demographics means tampering with its unique culture and shouldn't be done. "People can't survive a year temporarily - they'll go somewhere, get a job and never come back," he says.

Reiss acknowledges that shrinking parts of the city occupied by hardscrabble neighborhoods would inevitably result in fewer poor and African-American residents. But he says the electoral balance of the city wouldn't change significantly and that the business elite isn't trying to reverse the last 30 years of black political control. "We understand that African Americans have had a great deal of influence on the history of New Orleans," he says.

A key question will be the position of Nagin, who was elected with the support of the city's business leadership. He couldn't be reached Wednesday. Reiss says the mayor suggested the Dallas meeting and will likely attend when he goes there to visit his evacuated family

Nagin is Creole which ia Jamballa code for Mulatto/Jewish
(what you find in the html code was already in the code when sourced).

Black politicians have controlled City Hall here since the late 1970s, but the wealthy white families of New Orleans have never been fully eclipsed. Stuffing campaign coffers with donations, these families dominate the city's professional and executive classes, including the white-shoe law firms, engineering offices, and local shipping companies. White voters often act as a swing bloc, propelling blacks or Creoles into the city's top political jobs. That was the case with Mr. Nagin, who defeated another African American to win the mayoral election in 2002.

Creoles, as many mixed-race residents of New Orleans call themselves, dominate the city's white-collar and government ranks and tend to ally themselves with white voters on issues such as crime and education, while sharing many of the same social concerns as African-American voters. Though the flooding took a toll on many Creole neighborhoods, it's likely that Creoles will return to the city in fairly large numbers, since many of them have the means to do so.


Gary Fields and Ann Carrns contributed to this article.

continued from the author: Christoper Cooper


I have long grappled with the apparent contradiction of why Tulane treats its Jewish professors so poorly while it caters to Jewish students with attractive programs and campus activities. My conclusion is that a bigoted administration does not allow ideology to interfere with its business decisions. Thus, Tulane appreciates that its Jewish students contribute a high proportion of full tuitions and good SAT scores, while the generous philanthropy of its Jewish alumni is always welcome.

Higlighted areas from original posting

guns for hire
When New Orleans descended into a spiral of looting and anarchy,
Reiss helicoptered in an Israeli security company to guard his Audubon Place house and ...

THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS OF EVE: GENETICS PROVE THE ORIGINS OF ONE PLANETARY FAMILY - that's if you believe in genetics or evolution of the human body...

RACE - the Power of an Illusion

Companion site for the PBS series exploring the cultural construction of race, both in historical terms and in light of recent discoveries in the science of population genomics.

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BIG EASY JUSTICE: practice what you preach, to those you teach... live unto your convictions - Sugar Minott

The following is an e-mail that I received from a FULL TIME volunteer who lives on such a small volunteer stipend (food stamps - "is a benefit" - TO EAT), who WANTED TO HELP on their FREE TIME OFF from their FULL TIME job with a New Orleans rebuilding non-profit/gov't agency. This person wanted to GIVE to their community through NON-STIPENDED SERVICE. This person met me actively looking to give of their labour helping a family REBUILD on their FREE TIME.

Their e-mail stems from the helping of a a man, actually who was building on his own, trying to get his family in and out of the FEMA trailer. Then it became about helping a family mostly the mother, with 2 babies born right after post-Katrina levy failure flooding. Not so much then the dad, whom I will always call brethren and friend; who made a poor decision in a time of crisis that has left him and his family vulnerable within the criminal justice system. I will not judge the path of this family which I have not walked. All of us get to make stupid mistakes in embodied life...

It just seems that certain people of the nation of "We the People,", "ONE NATION UNDER GOD," seem to get punished more quickly, more harshly, and theirs and their own civil rights and their families civil rights are infringed upon more often let's say my civil rights, as a white woman, would be, to be generous. This person made many poor judgment calls that led to this decision which put him and his family in jeopardy. What I don't understand is how the police can tell volunteers helping a family rebuilding New Orleans, post-Katrina levy flooding failures, 2008. That enough of a threat is created from those NOPD police officers, who are called to "protect and serve". We were stopped from helping his fiance and this 2 twin babies living in a FEMA trailer and at greater risk in this mid-city neighborhood - get into their house - finishing the mudding, priming, painting, of the inside of one side of the house so that mother and children can be safe inside. Warned off - by NOPD police officers.

Whether the father has a warrant out on him or not...

Two babies, a teenage girl, and a woman who has gone through a hell I am not able to share - were the collateral damage of the NOPD's tactics. And her fiances poor choices in a moment of fear.

"fear has the ability to make cowards of us all..."

Prayers for the suffering. For every one.


Long time no see. As you probably know I was working at ______’s a few weekends ago when I suddenly left in the middle of work. I was beginning the installation of the siding when the police showed up and told me how crazy I was for being around the house. And it was different cops from the first time. I dropped what I was doing and picked up my tools and got the heck out of there. I’m not one to run, but when the NOPD says something is in my best interest I’ve lived here long enough to take their advice. I have the key to the house still and she still has my battery and charger in her FEMA trailer. Would you mind getting that for me and I will drop the key in her mailbox? Does that work? It’s too bad everything had to go down the way it did but I am not willing to stick my neck out that far.

"And it was different cops from the first time. "

(The "cops" warned him off 2x for helping the mother and children in the father's absence/fleeing sentencing decision. That is a tactic that I know from studying, that the Israeli Army/Gov't, do to punish the Palestinian peoples - they practice group punishment. Especially in the cramped camps called hell in which they keep the Palestinian in, whilst Israeli radical fundamentalist's steal more land for "settlements", claimed in the name of God.

In this paradigm women and children are recognized only as collateral damage. Our soldiers practice this in Iraq. Our mercenaries practice it in Iraq, with a law written into their constitution pardoning any act of a contractor - of all crimes against the Iraqi people whilst serving as a contractor - even murder. Americans of African decent have been telling us this for years about how they are treated as a group. They have been trying to tell us since we brought them here as SLAVES that their culture is unfairly punished. Group punishment. Racism - Classism - Oppression. Abuse of power.)


Ziggy Marely & the Melody Makers

for your contemplation:

Thin Blue Line

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Thin Blue Line can refer to:

  • The Thin Blue Line is a colloquial term for police and police forces. The term derives from The Thin Red Line and suggests that a thin line of police officers is all that prevents civilized society from descending into chaos. The Thin Blue line can also refer to the brotherhood of the profession. It shows the bond of police officers, and the symbol is taken very seriously among most police officers.

The term is also sometimes used as a pejorative against police who cover up criminal activity of fellow police officers.

Attytood: Gulf War III: Why is Blackwater USA patrolling New ... Two Israeli
from ISI, another private military company, were guarding Audubon Place, a gated community.
Wearing bulletproof vests, they were ..


i just read that 6 states have opted out of the "REAL ID" act. I nresponse Homeland Security has threatened these states and their citizens that they will not be allowed access into Federal Buildings and to board airplanes without one.

i want to live in one of those 6 states.

abuse of power...


Hey everyone,

Lots of people have been asking about the status of new orleans housing. Here is a brief update. thanks to bill for putting this together.


New Orleans Public & Affordable Housing Update March 25, 2008 Public Housing: Demolition has begun at C.J. Peete, B.W. Cooper and St. Bernard. New Orleans Mayor Nagin has given the green light for the demolition to proceed at Lafitte and is expected soon.


Last week there were civil disobedience arrests at St. Bernard and Lafitte, brining to several dozen total arrests so far. United Nations experts on housing and minority rights have criticized the demolition of public housing in New Orleans calling it a violation of international human rights.


HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson is under FBI investigation for actions taken in several places across the US , including New Orleans , and has been asked to resign by two U.S. Senators.


All legal challenges in federal court have been denied and are on appeal to the U.S. Fifth Circuit – unfortunately the Fifth Circuit has refused to fast track the appeals so no decisions are expected for months. Internationally, New Orleans expects to join the Zero Evictions Campaign.

Look for developments at:

The companies who are the developers of new housing on the site of 4500 units of soon to be demolished public housing in New Orleans are: C.J. Peete – McCormack Baron Salazar and KAI Design & Build B.W. Cooper – KBK and BWC Resident Management Corporation St. Bernard – Fore! Kids Foundation, Columbia Residential (former partners of HUD Secretary Jackson) and Baton Rouge Area Foundation Lafitte – Providence Community Housing and Enterprise Community Partners


Other Affordable Housing Update: FEMA has begun moving 30,000 hurricane displaced families out of trailers across the gulf – despite severe housing shortage. Policy Link documents that only 2 of 5 Louisiana renters who need affordable housing can expect to find it. They also document that even when all the planned subsidized housing in New Orleans is rebuilt (and we are a long way from that point today) the total will reduce the amount of subsidized housing by about two-thirds that existed before Katrina.


City of New Orleans is working hard to criminalize homelessness and expects to pass a new ordinance in April to allow the arrest of homeless people who sleep on the street. New Orleans homeless population has doubled since Katrina. Experts now estimate that 1 in 25 people in New Orleans is homeless, the highest rate in the nation.


How to Help:

Watch the Zero Evictions Website and support the campaign:

Contact Elected Officials:

George Bush – President - (202) 456-1111 Ask him to fire Alphonso Jackson Alphonso Jackson,Sec. of HUD - (202) 708-1112 Ask him to resign

Mary Landrieu - Senator (202) 224-5824; Fax: 202-224-9735 Ask her to insist on one to one replacement of all demolished public housing

David Vitter - Senator (504) 589-2753, DC Office (202) 224-4623 Ask him to resign and open a private law firm with Eliott Spitzer (Spitzer & Vitter – specializing in discreet representation); if not, support one for one replacement.

End update.

A message from your planetary sister:

Hey to all my visitors from the US Department of Justice - !

I hope you are visiting this blog because you work for “We the People” and really care about issues of the people you are sworn to serve... I sure hope as a citizen of a "free" republic and democracy, that members of the Department of Justice ( are NOT visiting this blog in the frequent manner you seem to, after I post public housing notices because you are monitoring me or those serving the needs of the people through activism. I sure hope as a fellow citizen of "We the People" that you are NOT reading this blog because the civil rights actions and activism of myself and those helping the poor, are considered to be part of a “Home Grown Radical Terrorist” cell that must be monitored…

You watching me and me watching you…

Is this where we want to go as a democracy?

March 30, 2008 10:03 p.m.

HUD Secretary Expected to Resign

WASHINGTON -- Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson is expected to announce his resignation Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, a decision that will deal a blow to the Bush administration's efforts to tackle the housing and mortgage mess.

The exact reasons for Mr. Jackson's decision couldn't be learned.

secretary has been beset recently by allegations of cronyism and
favoritism. Earlier this month, two Democratic senators, Patty Murray of Washington state and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, sent a letter to President Bush urging him to request Mr. Jackson's resignation, arguing that the distraction has made him ineffective.

Associated Press
HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson

The news is a setback for the Bush administration and its efforts to
combat the housing and mortgage mess. HUD, usually a backwater federal agency, has been at the heart of the administration's attempts to ease problems for homeowners. Although Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has taken the lead on many initiatives, Mr. Jackson has been a partner on many, including programs such as Hope Now, an administration-backed industry plan to loosen the terms on hundreds of thousands of subprime mortgages.

HUD also runs the Federal Housing Administration, a big government
division that insures mortgages for low-income homeowners and first-time home buyers. Many Democrats and Republicans have envisioned expanding the power of FHA to play a bigger role in stabilizing the mortgage market.

Mr. Jackson's problems stem from his refusal to answer questions about his role in a Philadelphia redevelopment deal. The city's housing authority has filed a lawsuit charging that Mr. Jackson tried to punish the agency for nixing a deal involving music-producer-turned-developer Kenny Gamble, a friend of Jackson.

The department's inspector general, after a four-month inquiry, turned up no evidence of a canceled contract. But the report found what it called "some problematic instances'' involving HUD contracts and grants, including Jackson's opposition to money for a contractor whose executives donated exclusively to Democratic candidates.

Asked if Mr. Jackson was planning to resign, HUD spokeswoman D.J.
Nordquist wrote in an emailed statement that she was "not at liberty to say what the announcement is."

Mr. Jackson has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

--The Associate Press contributed to this report.


This message was received from Bill Quigley. Wow Esquire Quigley's name should earn me lot's of hits....


"Why are you arrestin' homeless people?"

a HOMELESS man your planetary sister was speaking with who asked ALOUD these two questions. He wasn't seeking answers, he seemed to be in shock, trying to figure out how his homelessness - his poverty - made him a criminal...

"Jails," he says to me, "are not the place to hide the homeless."

"{The} City of New Orleans is working hard to criminalize homelessness and expects to pass a new ordinance in April to allow the arrest of homeless people who sleep on the street.

New Orleans homeless population has doubled since Katrina. Experts now estimate that 1 in 25 people in New Orleans is homeless, the highest rate in the nation."

usa today new orleans homeless rate story:




MOST ESPECIALLY hard on those with trauma related PTSD




brand New Orlean$