Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Written a few moments before the inaguration of Barak Obama. I felt myself crying and began to write as a way to better understand what I was feeling, this is what came to me...

I am crying.

I AM crying the tears of my African brothers and sisters, I AM crying for their pains, their history of tribulation and injustices, cruel and inhuman treatments, the loss of their identities through enslavement, the stealing of their freedoms and their precious liberties. I AM crying for the loss of their children, the loss of their familial ties through forced slavery. I AM crying the tears of their dreams independent of their slave masters wishes. I AM crying the tears of lynching’s, Jim Crow, segregation, humiliations, the foul injustices they have endured in the land of freedom and liberty.

I AM crying their tears of joy; the tears of redemption. The tears that hold not only the pain and tribulation of their past, their ancestors past, but the joys and freedoms that their ancestors also anchored in their longing for and generational fight for freedom; the slaves who ran away, the slaves who served with dignity, never losing the sight of themselves; those who were the teachers, the educators, the freedom fighters - Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Dubois, Fredrick Douglas, Malcom X and the anchoring of hope and the right for freedom and civil liberties through Martin Luther King Jr. and those who dared, who had the courage, to walk with him.

I AM crying the tears of mothers and fathers in the ghetto, the mothers and fathers who have watched their children die by the gun, poverty, lack of health care, drugs, violence and prostitution. I AM crying their tears of joy for the hope and the possibility of freedom for their children and future generations to come.

I AM crying the tears of joy for the redemption of my African American brothers and sisters unique and individual identities as a part of the integral whole of who we are as a nation -- not as slave, not as outcast, as individuals in their own right, masters -- masters of their own destinies. On this day, this nations long civil war has finally been won.

I AM crying the tears of joy, of hope, of the journey through tribulation and pain, sorrow and joy – I AM crying the tears of joy -- of redemption.

I AM singing a song, a Redemption Song – a song of freedom.

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