Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Sabbatical - Spiritual Retreat

Time away from my heart's home...

For the past few months those of you who follow this blog may have noticed that I have not been actively posting. In December of 2008 I found that I needed to physically, spiritually, and emotionally take leave of New Orleans to rest. I am not sure if I am to continue my work in New Orleans or if my work has been completed. Guidance will inform me, in time. This previous blog posting from December of 2007 speaks to me deeply of my personal journey of awakening to self that occurred in conjunction with my service in New Orleans. This experience and so many others that occurred in New Orleans have blessed me.

Jah Bless
your Planetary Sister

The text reads:

"This trip is about not being powerless in the face of overwhelming need. Its a about a community traumatized by a storm, but just as traumatized by the ineffective institutional response and/or neglect of their needs. It's about my being ashamed of that response. Needing TO DO something. This is a whole community experiencing the fallout of trauma.

Its not the individuals traumatized by physical or sexual violence that I'm used to working with, more like refugees who've lived in camps. I rather doubt that my 2 weeks at the Algier's Clinic in February, so long after the storm, providing counseling, will have had much of an effect on those who I've worked with as it's had on me. "

"Whose powerlessness was this trip about? I suspect it's my own. "


Francesco di Santis
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