Friday, December 31, 2010

They Found Family With Each Other...

Video from Miss Pearl and the Artists of Bywater Kamp Katrina who knew those who died...

The Memorial:

A Loss of Innocence:

New Orleans Buskers Fire - A Community Responds:

Buskers Bunkhouse - A Haven For Artists
712 Alvar St New Orleans LA 70117

504 943 9149 Cell - 453 0834
Leave a message we will answer

Tolkien Quote:

Blessings to all who have died in the year 2010.
Blessings to the families and friends who have lost loved ones...
Blessed the John and Jane Doe's who've died unknown...

OnE LoVe

Monday, December 20, 2010

Political Reappointmentship and Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2010

I heard on the news this morning that due to census numbers changing there will be changes to political redistricting in Louisiana. Texas will gain a seat due to the exodus (many were New Orleans residents) of Katrina levee failure flood victims.

Now I speak in generalities... Keeping in mind days after 911 Congress and the Senate were presented with the Patriot Act already written for the related disaster, keeping in mind that election stealing was not unheard of in the Bush Presidency, keeping in mind that when it comes to politics and New Orleans, African Americans have and continue to suffer from political maneuvering.

Since my arrival in early 2007, I have spent most of my time volunteering in mostly poor, African American neighborhoods. And if there is one thing I have noticed from the beginning of my time witnessing the rebuilding process, is that primarily African American New Orleanians - were, are - the last in line to receive help, parts of the Lower 9th Ward being the exception. Just within these last months, Habitat for Humanity is now in the 7th Ward. What politicians and news people call "blight" in many (but not all) cases, are houses that never even received (mostly volunteered based) gutting/rehabbing...

What I have witnessed, which leads to redistricting, via the 2010 Census - is that politically, if decisions are made where schools in predominantly African American neighborhoods aren't rebuilt/rehabbed, if hospitals such as Charity are kept closed; if decisions by those in power, decide in the first years of the catastrophe to demolish most of the public housing, and if neighborhoods are left shattered, such as mine, where many houses haven't even been gutted since the Katrina levee failure related flooding... then thousands of primarily African Americans - Democratic voters, do not come home.

One Love.

Friday, December 17, 2010


In the Streets of New Orleans, it's the Holidays and the Season of Killing.

Holidays in New Orleans since I have been here Post-Katrina-07, have been in retrospect STRESSFUL.

I am aware with each passing year, of how many more murders, shots fired, seem to occur on Holidays... Just take this last Thanksgiving. When 6 youths, barely men, are filled with blood lust and can't stop themselves from killing - in this case so far, it's not the usual "vendetta", which seems to be the unspoken "Your/I'm back in town and we have a grudge to take care of".

Three of the 6 young men, it seems were shootin their guns on Iberville Street at three people sitting on their stoop on Thanksgiving night, about an hour before killing Earl Wheeler. Randomly trying the devils work in the dark. Video surveillance caught them, doing their dirty deed in the dark. Then it seems they came out into the light, Canal Street, they were video'd again on a surveillance camera getting food. Wow, that's just cold. Then after being video'd at the Athlete's Foot it seems they shot and killed Earl Wheeler.

Mother's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas... the killings on the streets of New Orleans increases. And it's spreading to the Quarter. That's when the people who value the tourists dollar start crying foul. If only their cries were heard when the root of many of these killings were occurring in the poorer post-Katrina neighborhoods. You know them, the mostly African American neighborhoods you would never drive down... those neighborhoods where houses in some cases, have not even been gutted since the Katrina flooding. A neighborhood much like mine.

The poverty, the disparity, between those who have and those who have not, is so wide - and this is said by someone who has only just been here a minute since the Katrina/levee failure related flooding.

I have to wonder when the young are slaughtering each other in the streets if those very streets play a part in their accelerated spiritual/moral depravity.

How many more families and friends will be mourning before the New Years celebrations are over - before the end of this years Killing Season?

I can't feel their pain.

I can remember,

                    pray when I do,

                            and share it with you...

 8th Ward home, demolished October 2010.

Maybe you'll pray in your own way for those who are suffering this Christmas.

One Love
your Planetary Sister

On a related note -

Tuesday December 21, 2010: NOPD investigates 7 homicides in 4 days

Thursday December 23, 2010: NOPD: 3 killed, 3 shot in 4 separate shootings

Friday December 24, 2010: I'm putting on the Christmas lights and I hear a gunshot. Wait a minute... there's another return shot. Give it another minute... three more volleys. Called in shots fired. You gotta call em in neighbors. We all have to work together. 172 murders so far this year... Artists, musicians, students, tourists, workers, gangsta's, street people; someone's sister, daughter, son, brother, neighbor, friend...

Saturday December 25, 2010: A Christmas miracle - No murders.

Sunday December 26, 2010:   Man shot dead in Harvey; 4 teens apprehended after chase

"The suspects in custody include: 14-year-old Dwayne Mickel of Harvey; 15-year-old Tyrone Leone of New Orleans, 15-year-old Timon Carto of Harvey and 17-year-old Alec Johnson of New Orleans."

In essence - 5 people dead. For these children, taking a life -murder- has cost them their lives. For what???

Monday December 27, 2010: Editorial from Murders have made it a bloody December in New Orleans: An editorial

One Love in the name of Christ the Beloved.
your planetary sister, December 25, 2010

'D-Block' Street Gang: Booking Gangstas on Racketeering Charges

Brilliant strategy.

May it help curb the killing, like it did with the likes of Al Capone and other wanna be gangsta's of their time.

It's time to pull up your pants young men and stop killing each other.

OnE LoVe

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whaat ya done? 7th Ward and stealing from Habitat Volunteers...

Come on 7th Ward around Frenchmen Street. You know who done it. You know which of your neighbors, which youths, broke into the Habitat for Humanity bus this past Saturday and STOLE, THEIVED - the volunteers i.d.'s, monies, credit cards... WOW that is just plain wicked mean.

Volunteers who PAY for the privelege to come and build new houses in the neighborhood. People who come here to help us, who give of themselves and you steal from them??? Why are ya cutting the hand that helps to feed you?

Turn 'em in. Turn in who did this. You know who they are - they're braggin bout what they've done.

One Love.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holt Cemetary: A Portrait of Neglect and Racism: From Birth to Death in New Orleans

I attended a burial in Holt Cemetary by Delgado College yesterday, and left in tears.

The state of neglect of this cemetary was shocking.

The neglect of the owners of the Cemetary (NEW ORLEANS LOCAL GOVERNMENT OWNED) was appalling, alarming, dire, dreadful, deeply saddening. When I asked people who had family buried there, some over 50 years ago, they all said the same thing... "It's always been kept like this".

When I looked around I could see the tender care, the flowers, the little plaques, the things loved ones leave behind, the families who care. And in stark contrast to the love and tenderness, I could see the neglect of the owners-operators of the cemetary.

And I wept. For all my planetary brothers and sisters who have lived in poverty, who have so little in life...

those who have been asked to tolerate so much... even in death.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Messy Mya (Anthony Barrre) – His Last Moments – A Testament to a Generation LOST

Our former 7th Ward neighbor, Anthony Barre, aka Messy Mya, was shot down in the street, by an ‘unknown’ murderer* on Sunday November 14th, one month til his birthday and the due date of his first child, a son.

 As if the circumstances of being murdered aren’t horrific enough, someone (?'s) took a photo of him dying and put it up on Twitter.

Anthony Barre's last moments and someone close enough to comfort him decided to take a picture of him dying and then uploaded the photo???

What is going on? How could anyone watching someone die think it was morally, spiritually, okay to do such a thing? And then upload the photo?

I haven’t seen the photo; don’t want to EVER see it.

I want to remember him walking down the street, laughing, goofing off. A young man full of creative talent, life…

Generation lost. Lost techno souls. Lost connections with reality for a cyber reality connection.

One Love Anthony. May you rest in peace. May your child never see that photo of you.

May those who “know” who murdered you, have the courage to turn in your murderer.

Police are asking that anyone with information call homicide Detective Kevin Burns at 504.658.5300.

Saturday November 20, 2010

The NOPD announced that it had identified Hamilton as Barre's alleged killer and had obtained a warrant for his arrest on Friday evening. If convicted of second-degree murder, Hamilton faces a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Messy Mya candlelight vigil, block party and funeral arrangements announced

Rapper Monsta wit da Fade posts video on Messy Mya's murder

Messy Mya tribute events planned after Sunday's slaying of rapper and comedian

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Orleans Brass Bands: "New Mayor, New Rules"

When out photographing brass bands in the French Quarter, a police officer came along and dispersed the crowd and the brass street band. When I asked what was going on he told me, "New Mayor, new rules."

I have lived in many places in the United States and one troubling trend I have seen in areas that are popular with the public is the sanitation or Disneying of the areas. New Orleans is renowned worldwide for its music, not only in the bars and paid venues, but on the streets. Raw, grass roots music from the streets. Street music for many young musicians, especially from the ghetto, is their way to raise themselves out of a culture of drugs, guns, and murder. Jobs are at a minimum in New Orleans, the trade schools are still closed, the murder rate for young black men between 15 and 30 high. The street brass bands ad ambiance and a joie de vie to the Quarter. There are other street minstrels that play on the streets of New Orleans who come from all over the country, just a few weeks ago I met a young man from Arkansas who was playing the banjo in the Maringy, his talent was phenomenal. He had come to the city of dreams, New Orleans.

I understand that there are complaints from the neighbors about the music playing. - the noise. I wonder how someone can choose to live in the French Quarter in New Orleans and expect a curfew of quiet - especially on a weekend night. I also have heard bar and restaurant owners who have venues of music complain that the tourist can listen to music for free on the streets - I fail to see how a street brass band will take away and not add to the tourists desire for more music at a sitting comfortably with a drink or food, at a table in a French Quarter bar/restaurant.

A friend of mine who is a tour guide shared this with me. "It is such a great experience to see the people who come in for the tours when the first arrive and hear the brass bands on the street. It adds to the ambiance of the New Orleans experience."

By the by - street artists and vendors are also being affected. One means is by not issuing any more street licences. New Orleans will it soon be Disney Jazz South?

Young Fellas Brass Band being dispersed by NOLA Police

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gulf Oil Cris Moratorium: In The Realm of the Unknown...PROCEED WITH CAUTION

A few Planetary Thoughts from New Orleans...

The Gulf Oil Disaster is a clear indication that as humans there is so much we have yet to overstand about the sea floor and deep sea drilling. We are in the early days of an environmental crisis which has no precedence. As such, the moratorium on deep sea drilling in the Gulf gives us the chance to observe what may happen next, learn from our mistakes, and then proceed with caution. We do not have this oil eruption under control, we do not know how stable the sea floor is under the platform, there are indications of tilting of the BOP... There are so many unknowns.

For instance, right before this environmental disaster there were a series of very serious earthquakes. I have been watching earthquake activity since... California, Indonesia, and today Canada. I am no scientist but my intuition tells me there may be a correlation between earthquake activity and this eruption of oil . Yes, this was a human based disaster - which coincidentally (?) happened to occur right after the most prolific earthquake activity we have seen in many years.  There are so many unknowns in this scenario. I believe until we are able to get this crisis under some sort of control - if this is possible - AND LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES - we should halt deep sea drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

One Love,
your Planetary Sister

Enviro groups stunned that govt ignoring 27K wells

"During this period, the oil could flow unchecked from the ruptured well into the sea for up to 14 days, Allen said."  -Storm threatens to disrupt BP oil-siphoning

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's an Oil Volcano - not a Leak

I have found eye opening news since a Queen and I were reasoning and she helped me to look at my wording - description of what is happening here in the Gulf. With an estimated 20,000 to 70,000 psi, this is not a "leak" of oil. It's nature and force is better understood in the terminology of Volcanic Gushing. I have found more options for information and overstandings on what is happening in the Gulf - by adding these search engine words - Oil Volcano.

One Love.
your Planetary Sister

Interesting reads:

BP's Deepwater Oil Spill

Deepwater Oil Spill - A Longer Term Problem

Oil spill containment efforts could be putting strain on damaged well

A Volcano of Oil Erupting

Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment

Pure Energy Systems Wiki

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Danziger Bridge Incident: When Will New Orleanians Come to Terms With Their Racism?

I have been listening today to a local radio station talk show (Spud Show) discussing the Danziger Bridge shootings of innocent New Orleans citizens. I have to admit when I listened to the last caller of the day asking if there was a "curfew" it seemed to me as if this woman was seeking to blame those who were innocent, who were the victims of police brutality and civil rights infringements. I found my heart hurt and the source of my pain? The energies of anger.

I personally know the Father/Grandfather of some of who were shot at by the police. I was told that those who were shot at, were at the time, seeking to unite in safety with other family members as their Mother/Grandmother waited in a hotel room for them.

What I am not hearing in the discussions concerning the planting of false evidence at the crime scene and the coverup following, is the underlying racist attitudes and beliefs that brought about this crime and many other crimes against New Orleanians of African ancestry during the Katrina crisis.

Racism runs strong in this liberal city of Louisiana - separate but unequal - I see it everywhere. In the rebuilding of New Orleans and how citizens of African decent are treated. Until many Caucasian New Orleanian citizens can get honest about their racist beliefs and attitudes, Black New Orleanian citizens will continue to suffer in separate and unequal circumstances and opportunities.

Racism ,"the fear of other" kept people with guns blocking the free passage of Black New Orleanians to safety from leaving the city. Racism, the "fear of other" was at the root of how poorly many Black New Orleanians were treated in the first days after Katrina struck the city. I have heard so many stories from those who have and continue to suffer, who know they were and are treated differently as citizens because of the colour of their skin.

There is only one race - the human race.* We are one family of many tribes and we need as a "race" to come to terms with our own prejudices and fears. Crisis' such as Katrina brought out the best and the worst in New Orleanians. Let us celebrate the best and heal the worst.

One Love,
your Planetary Sister

Danziger Bridge investigation expected to yield guilty plea from ...
Feb 23, 2010 ... 4, 2005, by New Orleans police officers at the Danziger Bridge. Accused of shooting at police officers, he was cleared of wrongdoing by a - 17 hours ago

Feds to examine Danziger Bridge shootings New Orleans Metro Real ...Sep 30, 2008 ... Feds to examine Danziger Bridge shootings. By Coleman

FBI agents close Danziger Bridge to search for evidence New ...Sep 26, 2009 ... The FBI closed down the Danziger Bridge for several hours

*Ghandi, Satyendranath

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saints Championship Win and the 7th Ward

Post-Katrina 2010 - The Saints Superbowl win for the people of the 7th Ward New Orleans is an inspiration that works both ways...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sounds of New Orleans on Valentine's Day February 14, 2010

There's the sounds of police sirens making a way for the Mardi Gras parades; the sounds of people in church giving praise in song and music; children laughing in the streets and adults calling out, speaking with each other...

Happy ONE LOVE day.

Monday... LUNDI GRAS

The sound of a base rhythm... someone else is trying to get a certain note on their tuba...

Tuesday... MARDI GRAS

8:00 a.m. The sound of music playing... hammering... very few cars.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010