Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Danziger Bridge Incident: When Will New Orleanians Come to Terms With Their Racism?

I have been listening today to a local radio station talk show (Spud Show) discussing the Danziger Bridge shootings of innocent New Orleans citizens. I have to admit when I listened to the last caller of the day asking if there was a "curfew" it seemed to me as if this woman was seeking to blame those who were innocent, who were the victims of police brutality and civil rights infringements. I found my heart hurt and the source of my pain? The energies of anger.

I personally know the Father/Grandfather of some of who were shot at by the police. I was told that those who were shot at, were at the time, seeking to unite in safety with other family members as their Mother/Grandmother waited in a hotel room for them.

What I am not hearing in the discussions concerning the planting of false evidence at the crime scene and the coverup following, is the underlying racist attitudes and beliefs that brought about this crime and many other crimes against New Orleanians of African ancestry during the Katrina crisis.

Racism runs strong in this liberal city of Louisiana - separate but unequal - I see it everywhere. In the rebuilding of New Orleans and how citizens of African decent are treated. Until many Caucasian New Orleanian citizens can get honest about their racist beliefs and attitudes, Black New Orleanian citizens will continue to suffer in separate and unequal circumstances and opportunities.

Racism ,"the fear of other" kept people with guns blocking the free passage of Black New Orleanians to safety from leaving the city. Racism, the "fear of other" was at the root of how poorly many Black New Orleanians were treated in the first days after Katrina struck the city. I have heard so many stories from those who have and continue to suffer, who know they were and are treated differently as citizens because of the colour of their skin.

There is only one race - the human race.* We are one family of many tribes and we need as a "race" to come to terms with our own prejudices and fears. Crisis' such as Katrina brought out the best and the worst in New Orleanians. Let us celebrate the best and heal the worst.

One Love,
your Planetary Sister

Danziger Bridge investigation expected to yield guilty plea from ...
Feb 23, 2010 ... 4, 2005, by New Orleans police officers at the Danziger Bridge. Accused of shooting at police officers, he was cleared of wrongdoing by a - 17 hours ago

Feds to examine Danziger Bridge shootings New Orleans Metro Real ...Sep 30, 2008 ... Feds to examine Danziger Bridge shootings. By Coleman

FBI agents close Danziger Bridge to search for evidence New ...Sep 26, 2009 ... The FBI closed down the Danziger Bridge for several hours

*Ghandi, Satyendranath

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1LTLos said...

Liberalism poor uninformed and very fooled friend IS THE MECHANISM that creates both divisiveness and your "racism" for political convenience. I personally served 30 days in New Orleans Parrish 15 September to 16 October 2005 as a National Guardsman attached to Operation Gulf States Relief (Katrina) What I learned was that the inept mayor Nagin felt it more expedient to ignore the S-10 FEMA Manual proactively provided to him and all Mayors in every US City by the way, that outlines Emergency Contingency Planning and Emergency Preparedness. I assisted in 1368 'partially complete' or 'complete' "recoveries." I was not on duty at the where the single "rescue" ( 1 person alive)that made national news. Point is, I am Mejicano/Cherokee from Texas and reside far outside your state in the most disgustingly liberal state in the nation.
I extended my hand and the members in my unit reached out to any every and all New Orleans Katrina victims our knowing that we could not do enough to make up for the disgraceful conducts of your mayor! I charge him one man to another of being culpable for 1500 deaths! Racism is in your head and the US Constitution guarantees that you are a free American - not special - but simply an American who I think, if the situation was reversed, you would extend your hand to me if the hurricane hit here in pathetic California. We are all American - As a soldier, there are Blacks, asians, mexicans, ukrainians, chinese and koreans - men and women in my unit - all that racist bullshit is in ones head.
Folks have to stand up and stop asking for entitlements because there are none to have - we are all a part of this great nation. And Washington DC is doing all it can to see that you continue to suffer - why?
So they can be re-elected. Does that help you and New Orleans? Hell no! Will I ever go back to that hell hole? NO! But I will never regret assisting as many people as I could and as a proud American in uniform while I was in your city! Katrina solidified my trust in the American Tradition and in the Constitution. FEMA, Homeland Security and the Department of Labor are all Secretaried by Liberals who can give one hell about New Orleans buut use your misery to their political ends - I know I work with them!
Help to Kick the Administration and Congress OUT and get in tune with the voice of Americans - focus on the real leeches of society - our politicians and yes, the corruption by this president which makes Bush seem like a preschooler!!
Be well!
1LT Los