Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gulf Oil Cris Moratorium: In The Realm of the Unknown...PROCEED WITH CAUTION

A few Planetary Thoughts from New Orleans...

The Gulf Oil Disaster is a clear indication that as humans there is so much we have yet to overstand about the sea floor and deep sea drilling. We are in the early days of an environmental crisis which has no precedence. As such, the moratorium on deep sea drilling in the Gulf gives us the chance to observe what may happen next, learn from our mistakes, and then proceed with caution. We do not have this oil eruption under control, we do not know how stable the sea floor is under the platform, there are indications of tilting of the BOP... There are so many unknowns.

For instance, right before this environmental disaster there were a series of very serious earthquakes. I have been watching earthquake activity since... California, Indonesia, and today Canada. I am no scientist but my intuition tells me there may be a correlation between earthquake activity and this eruption of oil . Yes, this was a human based disaster - which coincidentally (?) happened to occur right after the most prolific earthquake activity we have seen in many years.  There are so many unknowns in this scenario. I believe until we are able to get this crisis under some sort of control - if this is possible - AND LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES - we should halt deep sea drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

One Love,
your Planetary Sister

Enviro groups stunned that govt ignoring 27K wells

"During this period, the oil could flow unchecked from the ruptured well into the sea for up to 14 days, Allen said."  -Storm threatens to disrupt BP oil-siphoning

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