Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Messy Mya (Anthony Barrre) – His Last Moments – A Testament to a Generation LOST

Our former 7th Ward neighbor, Anthony Barre, aka Messy Mya, was shot down in the street, by an ‘unknown’ murderer* on Sunday November 14th, one month til his birthday and the due date of his first child, a son.

 As if the circumstances of being murdered aren’t horrific enough, someone (?'s) took a photo of him dying and put it up on Twitter.

Anthony Barre's last moments and someone close enough to comfort him decided to take a picture of him dying and then uploaded the photo???

What is going on? How could anyone watching someone die think it was morally, spiritually, okay to do such a thing? And then upload the photo?

I haven’t seen the photo; don’t want to EVER see it.

I want to remember him walking down the street, laughing, goofing off. A young man full of creative talent, life…

Generation lost. Lost techno souls. Lost connections with reality for a cyber reality connection.

One Love Anthony. May you rest in peace. May your child never see that photo of you.

May those who “know” who murdered you, have the courage to turn in your murderer.

Police are asking that anyone with information call homicide Detective Kevin Burns at 504.658.5300.

Saturday November 20, 2010

The NOPD announced that it had identified Hamilton as Barre's alleged killer and had obtained a warrant for his arrest on Friday evening. If convicted of second-degree murder, Hamilton faces a mandatory life sentence in prison.

Messy Mya candlelight vigil, block party and funeral arrangements announced

Rapper Monsta wit da Fade posts video on Messy Mya's murder

Messy Mya tribute events planned after Sunday's slaying of rapper and comedian

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