Friday, December 17, 2010

In the Streets of New Orleans, it's the Holidays and the Season of Killing.

Holidays in New Orleans since I have been here Post-Katrina-07, have been in retrospect STRESSFUL.

I am aware with each passing year, of how many more murders, shots fired, seem to occur on Holidays... Just take this last Thanksgiving. When 6 youths, barely men, are filled with blood lust and can't stop themselves from killing - in this case so far, it's not the usual "vendetta", which seems to be the unspoken "Your/I'm back in town and we have a grudge to take care of".

Three of the 6 young men, it seems were shootin their guns on Iberville Street at three people sitting on their stoop on Thanksgiving night, about an hour before killing Earl Wheeler. Randomly trying the devils work in the dark. Video surveillance caught them, doing their dirty deed in the dark. Then it seems they came out into the light, Canal Street, they were video'd again on a surveillance camera getting food. Wow, that's just cold. Then after being video'd at the Athlete's Foot it seems they shot and killed Earl Wheeler.

Mother's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas... the killings on the streets of New Orleans increases. And it's spreading to the Quarter. That's when the people who value the tourists dollar start crying foul. If only their cries were heard when the root of many of these killings were occurring in the poorer post-Katrina neighborhoods. You know them, the mostly African American neighborhoods you would never drive down... those neighborhoods where houses in some cases, have not even been gutted since the Katrina flooding. A neighborhood much like mine.

The poverty, the disparity, between those who have and those who have not, is so wide - and this is said by someone who has only just been here a minute since the Katrina/levee failure related flooding.

I have to wonder when the young are slaughtering each other in the streets if those very streets play a part in their accelerated spiritual/moral depravity.

How many more families and friends will be mourning before the New Years celebrations are over - before the end of this years Killing Season?

I can't feel their pain.

I can remember,

                    pray when I do,

                            and share it with you...

 8th Ward home, demolished October 2010.

Maybe you'll pray in your own way for those who are suffering this Christmas.

One Love
your Planetary Sister

On a related note -

Tuesday December 21, 2010: NOPD investigates 7 homicides in 4 days

Thursday December 23, 2010: NOPD: 3 killed, 3 shot in 4 separate shootings

Friday December 24, 2010: I'm putting on the Christmas lights and I hear a gunshot. Wait a minute... there's another return shot. Give it another minute... three more volleys. Called in shots fired. You gotta call em in neighbors. We all have to work together. 172 murders so far this year... Artists, musicians, students, tourists, workers, gangsta's, street people; someone's sister, daughter, son, brother, neighbor, friend...

Saturday December 25, 2010: A Christmas miracle - No murders.

Sunday December 26, 2010:   Man shot dead in Harvey; 4 teens apprehended after chase

"The suspects in custody include: 14-year-old Dwayne Mickel of Harvey; 15-year-old Tyrone Leone of New Orleans, 15-year-old Timon Carto of Harvey and 17-year-old Alec Johnson of New Orleans."

In essence - 5 people dead. For these children, taking a life -murder- has cost them their lives. For what???

Monday December 27, 2010: Editorial from Murders have made it a bloody December in New Orleans: An editorial

One Love in the name of Christ the Beloved.
your planetary sister, December 25, 2010

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