Monday, December 20, 2010

Political Reappointmentship and Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2010

I heard on the news this morning that due to census numbers changing there will be changes to political redistricting in Louisiana. Texas will gain a seat due to the exodus (many were New Orleans residents) of Katrina levee failure flood victims.

Now I speak in generalities... Keeping in mind days after 911 Congress and the Senate were presented with the Patriot Act already written for the related disaster, keeping in mind that election stealing was not unheard of in the Bush Presidency, keeping in mind that when it comes to politics and New Orleans, African Americans have and continue to suffer from political maneuvering.

Since my arrival in early 2007, I have spent most of my time volunteering in mostly poor, African American neighborhoods. And if there is one thing I have noticed from the beginning of my time witnessing the rebuilding process, is that primarily African American New Orleanians - were, are - the last in line to receive help, parts of the Lower 9th Ward being the exception. Just within these last months, Habitat for Humanity is now in the 7th Ward. What politicians and news people call "blight" in many (but not all) cases, are houses that never even received (mostly volunteered based) gutting/rehabbing...

What I have witnessed, which leads to redistricting, via the 2010 Census - is that politically, if decisions are made where schools in predominantly African American neighborhoods aren't rebuilt/rehabbed, if hospitals such as Charity are kept closed; if decisions by those in power, decide in the first years of the catastrophe to demolish most of the public housing, and if neighborhoods are left shattered, such as mine, where many houses haven't even been gutted since the Katrina levee failure related flooding... then thousands of primarily African Americans - Democratic voters, do not come home.

One Love.

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