Saturday, February 5, 2011

Abandoned Dog of 7th Ward Needs a Forever Home

I Need a Human...

To trust, to love me, to take care of me... My owner used me for breeding, then threw me to the streets. A nice lady in the neighborhood feeds me when she can, when she sees me... but she can't keep me as her landlord does not permit dogs.

I have been abused, I cringe when you come near me because I used to be beaten, but it hasn't made me nasty or needy. As soon as I can tell you mean me no harm, I am full of love and gratitude. I love it when the nice lady pets me and speaks softly to me... I lie down and let her love me and when she is all done, I get up and wag my tail, so happy to be loved, so grateful that not all humans are cruel.

I need a human, with a yard, with a warm kennel, with a farm or lots of land. I am a good girl and want to believe that not all humans are cruel.

You can apply to this nice lady and she will help you help me.


After being flagged numerous times on Craiglist (pets), I picked up "Mommy" and put her in my truck. I went to the owner and told him I had his dog - as everyone but me, knew her owner... He denied he owned her but gave me his blessings to find her a new home. The neighbors across the street then told me that their was another dog "Migo" a gentle small Chiuahua mix that might "get killed in the streets" and asked me to help her also. It was a blessing that they could go to the rescue together as they know each other and will be a comfort to each other in a strange place for a few days. The rest of the story is in my last Craiglist posting:

Thank you to Kelly and Lisa who were able to take in "Mommy" and another stray my neighbors asked me to take away before he was as they told me "killed on the streets", Migo a small mixed dog. We spent about 3 hours together in the truck, just them and I, my reassuring them and then found out that would be able to take them!

Thank you to to help with their care and for the other dogs in the rescue.

Thank you to Glynnis at Common Ground in the lower 9th for your help today.

And thank you most of all to God for letting me share the love of two beautiful souls, who through no fault of their own, have only known neglect and abuse...

One Love!

Thank you to everyone who wrote offering food, shelter in an emergency, and sympathy for her plight.

"Abbie" Update:

Thanks to everyone who helped raise the money for Abbie's vet bills!

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