Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Not Safe for a Black Man to Drive through Jefferson Parrish...

 Is  it  ?

Google: Man tasered, dies in Jefferson Parish Louisiana after pullover for traffic violation by State Troopers.

Even this headline is framed to blame the man who died:

"Hours after struggle with police, man dies while in custody"

Oh yeah, I know about the guns, and the subsequent portrayal of this man through the media by the police, who were responsible for his death. AND he was a human being. I also heard that he was a father of 5. One of his children was in the car at the time of the pullover and watched as his father was electrocuted. Enough to kill him. His child witnessed torture. Nuff said.

I waited over 24 hours to make this post, as I was greatly distressed by Mr.Woolridge's death by taser and his child's trauma, as a result of witnessing the event. I did not want to write from my anger. I needed my God to steady my heart and cool my mind before I took the pen.

your planetary sister in New Orleans

One other planetary note: The title of this post is what my heart said to my mind the moment I heard and witnessed this story. Even after the 24 hours had passed, it was still strong in my heart.

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