Friday, May 13, 2011

Lake Charles, Louisiana: Thousands of fish dead along I-210 beach

6/20/11: Stop eating the fish you are catching! As of a few weeks ago many I know who fish in the river and lake stopped because as fishermen, they knew intuitively something was wrong with the fish. I am now hearing that people may be getting sick from eating the fish. If you are feeling sick and you have been fishin in the Mississippi or the Lake and the Gulf, stop for a few weeks and see if your symptoms disappear.


Lake Charles, Louisiana - Thousands of dead fish were discovered Wednesday, lining the shore of the I-210 beach.

Most of the fish washed ashore on the southwest corner of the beach.

Officials with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries identified the fish as Shad, which are known to travel in huge schools and are more common in creeks.

Biologists collected samples of the fish to send off for testing. Though no official results are back, biologists said the fish kill was most likely caused by low oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels are usually caused by low tides and high temperatures and usually affect one species.

Fish kills are common along the Gulf Coast, especially during the summer months.

Since officials don't believe the fish pose any threat to humans or animals, the I-210 beach remains open.

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