Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PHOTOS: Mississippi River: New Orleans - Industrial Canal Lock St. Claude Ave, Sister Street Levee - May 10, 2011 16.96"

6/20/11: Stop eating the fish you are catching! As of a few weeks ago many I know who fish in the river and lake stopped because as fishermen, they knew intuitively something was wrong with the fish. I am now hearing that people may be getting sick from eating the fish. If you are feeling sick and you have been fishin in the Mississippi or the Lake and the Gulf, stop for a few weeks and see if your symptoms disappear.


Water levels seems to be holding around the 16.9' range since the opening of the Bonne Carre Spillway bays. More debris showing up in the river, mostly tree debris. Shipping seems to be more active as upstream shipping lanes are closed or closing. Trains are running more frequently with goods.

Industrial Canal Lock at St. Claude Avenue Bridge

Thanks to my neighbor Alvin for your help getting to the levee.

View from Stister Street Levee of New Orleans and Mississippi River shipping lanes.

Views from St. Claude Avenue bridge to the Mississippi River.

Planetary note: The fishing has been excellent in the last 2 weeks. 30 - 45lb. Drum and super large catfish.
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