Friday, May 13, 2011

The Power of Free Speech - Who decides who has the right to express it and who does not?

Since April 29, 2011, I began writing about the Mississippi River and documenting what I was finding. I also created posts, which would be helpful to people like myself looking for answers and most of all when it comes to the Mississippi flooding, facts, maps, and links as I come by them. This little blog became a portal for those seeking more information.

Since that time, my computer has been attacked with a virus. As a result, I needed to clean my computer and re-upload my video software. Then on Wednesday, Blogger did "some work" which left data off of my site from Wednesday night until today. I was unable to access my blog until this afternoon, thus I was unable to take care of my daily updates and I have lost data.

About an hour ago, I uploaded an innocent enough video called "Fishin on the Mississippi River", with music from a local musician who has given me permission to use his music as I feel inspired to do so and photos from the levee - the Black Pearl area of New Orleans. I am still waiting for the video to be "processed" by Google/YouTube.

All of the work I do on this blog and on my YouTube channel has NEVER been for profit. I consider myself to be the type of person who cares enough for my fellow planetary brothers and sisters to "do something", to "help", when I can.

I am a small, very small, fish in the big pond of "news".

This flood isn't occurring so I get good stats and ratings. I am in no news war for ratings, and yet, by what has been occurring, it seems that those who have the power to decide who gets to publish "news" on the Internet are now -- as this little blog experiences higher traffic for this short period in time -- creating blocks to my being able to express myself and my views. And for you the reader, to decide whether you want to read what I post or not.

Who controls free speech? Who controls creative expression? Who controls the flow of information? Who controls the news? Who controls the Internet?

There is one thing this experience is teaching me, it's not "We the People".


Planetary Update:

I guess my Fishin on the Mississippi video has passed inspection. It's now available for you to decide whether to watch or not.

And now... my posts are back.

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