Friday, June 17, 2011

Florida arrests folks for feeding the homeless...

Can you imagine that people could be arrested for feeding the homeless? Not in New Orleans... For all the negative press this city gets for the crime and dirt (oh yeah, I just saw you dump trash outta ya car!)... this is a GENEROUS city when it comes to individuals and groups who take care of those who are less fortunate then themselves.

I remember after Katrina when so many were homeless and hungry, especially those living under the overpass on Claiborne Avenue, and Tent City by City Hall... The individuals and groups that I saw daily to come and feed the homeless made me feel proud to be a New Orleanian. Proud to be a human.

When I would ask folks why they were there, this is what I remember being told:

"I want my children to understand how important it is to take care of others, and to see that others don't have a life as good as theirs."

"I drive a bus everyday and I pass by these people and I had to do something to help."

"My mother just made a bunch of food and told me to take it down here and feed people."

"Why can't we have enough food to feed everyone?" That was Mr. Curtis from the Praline Connection. He could often be found feeding the poor.

What's ironic, it is often the black New Orleanian families that I saw out feeding the poor, often out of the back of their vehicles, some with much less than those who have to give and choose not to. Ironic and blessed.

Church's, individuals, groups... I have witnessed incredible acts of charity in this city. Whether it is feeding the homeless, or the bunkerbusters and travelers, the beggars and broken - my  heart will never, ever, forget the acts of charity and kindness I have witnessed.

OneLOVE New Orleans

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