Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rest in Peace" Sis. Mary Ethel White 103: Mother of Mount Carmel Baptist Church

"I shall wear a crown when the trumpet sounds..."

How many of us with a shorter life span than this Godly woman can say we have led a loving and righteous life? Mother 'Marie' Mary Ethel White's funeral and repast was held today. I never met Mother Mary, yet felt her spirit of love and kindness resonating throughout the services held today at Mount Carmel Baptist Church at 2024 N. Tonti Street in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

I will share some of the lovely tributes shared from the heart in honour of Sis. Mary Ethel White, the 'Mother' of Mount Carmel Baptist Church:

Her favorite song/lyrics: "It's all right, Jesus has made it all right."
Hymn attributed to Mother Mary "On the Battlefield for the Lord"

"Mother Mary was a woman who gave her life in service to others and Christ."

Mother Mary... "A person you will never forget once you've known her."

"A beautiful person to know, loving to everybody, taking care of those in need."

Blessings Mother Mary,
 truly, you are "Bound for the Promised Land".

One Love

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