Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dolphins are still dying and the oil is still here... {sigh} from the land of the big easy

Huge tar balls and a dead dolphin - a stroll down the beach in Grand Isle

Laurie Wiegle
Wed, 03 Aug 2011 19:17 CDT

Betty Doud, a painter who lives in one of the hardest-hit areas from the BP oil spill, spoke again to Examiner this week. She had posted a video on Facebook that showed some horrifically large tar "balls" that had washed up on the beach. These weren't balls - they were huge chunks, like dried petroleum bowling balls.

Examiner asked Betty if she'd respond to some questions. She ended up writing a thorough report of what she observed over just the past few days. Here's what she had to say (this has only been lightly edited for clarity):

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BP AMEricA. JUNE 2011~ Health Issue Cover UP! Reports from the BEACH
Caution! The sufferation in this vid is graphic and troubling


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