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It's Not Safe for a Black Man to Drive through Jefferson Parrish...

 Is  it  ?

Google: Man tasered, dies in Jefferson Parish Louisiana after pullover for traffic violation by State Troopers.

Even this headline is framed to blame the man who died:

"Hours after struggle with police, man dies while in custody"

Oh yeah, I know about the guns, and the subsequent portrayal of this man through the media by the police, who were responsible for his death. AND he was a human being. I also heard that he was a father of 5. One of his children was in the car at the time of the pullover and watched as his father was electrocuted. Enough to kill him. His child witnessed torture. Nuff said.

I waited over 24 hours to make this post, as I was greatly distressed by Mr.Woolridge's death by taser and his child's trauma, as a result of witnessing the event. I did not want to write from my anger. I needed my God to steady my heart and cool my mind before I took the pen.

your planetary sister in New Orleans

One other planetary note: The title of this post is what my heart said to my mind the moment I heard and witnessed this story. Even after the 24 hours had passed, it was still strong in my heart.

Gulf Gumbo: Oil, Corexit, Sewage, Pesticides, Flood Water Toxins and now the 'possibility' of Nuclear Spent Fuel...

Stop eating the fish you are catching! As of a few weeks ago many I know who fish in the river and lake stopped because as fishermen, they knew intuitively something was wrong with the fish. I am now hearing that people may be getting sick from eating the fish. If you are feeling sick and you have been fishin in the Mississippi or the Lake and the Gulf, stop for a few weeks and see if your symptoms disappear.


You learn the darnedest things on the internets. For example, I just found out that the Gulf of Mexico is the primary disposal site for unexploded military munitions - over 30 million pounds of bombs, projectiles and chemical ordnance.

And because records are spotty and incomplete, we don't know exactly where these dumps are.

Gulf Update: August 18, 2011: The area being investigated is South of Louisiana

BP Investigates New Oil Sheen Near Green Canyon Block In Gulf Of Mexico

Gulf Update: June 8, 2011: Gulf Oil Spill Reported Near Venice, Louisiana; Coast Guard Investigating

"A dead zone -- already the size of the state of New Jersey -- is growing in the Gulf of Mexico, fueled by nutrient runoff from the swollen Mississippi River."

This year, with floodwaters from the Birds Point levee breach and the Morganza and Bonnet Carret spillways spreading over farmland and other residential areas, the river is collecting tremendous amounts of fertilizer and pesticides. This is contributing to what scientists say may become the largest dead zone ever, and posing a serious threat to already taxed marine life.   (read more)
Gulf of Mexico: An Officially Sanctioned Bio-Terrorism War Zone,_Louisiana.html
Sick Fish in Gulf alarming Scientists
BP Oil Diaster in Gulf: One Year Later
Sea Turtles and Dolphins Washing Ashore in Gulf
Wildlife Die-off's in Gulf and on Planet

NASA: Mississippi Flooding 2011

Mississippi Flooding 2011
Heavy spring rains and snow-melt led to devastating floods along the Mississippi River in May 2011. Landsat 5 flew down the Mississippi River on May 10, 2011, giving a breathtaking view of the water's spread. To prevent flooding in Cairo, Illinois, the US Army Corps of Engineers blew a two-mile hole in the levee to let the waters flow into the New Madrid Floodway. Near Memphis Tennessee, flood waters crested at 48 feet, only inches below the record high level of the 1937 floods.

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Mississippi River Flood Warnings/Updates - Hydrologic Outlooks via


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An Awakening Earth...


A new energy is covering the Earth.
It is transforming the molecules of physical matter and uplifting
the consciousness of all.

It is infiltrating the structure of the material world and
bringing about changes that will create greater life
and light within time and space.

This new energy is the Divine Breath of God,
held in the embrace of physical matter in a unity of wholeness
and integration.

It is not felt independently of the human
experience. It is felt THROUGH the human
experience - both physical, emotional, and spiritual.
Its purpose is to set mankind free.

Its goal, to return to each and every child of God the full range
of Divine motion that is inherently a part of being human,
and the full depth of knowledge of identity and selfhood
that holds life to be sacred

and oneself to be part of a greater sacred Whole.
Moving silently as a mist that is only visible
when looked at from a certain angle of perception,
the new energy is infusing consciousness - the consciousness
that IS, and the consciousness that HAS BEEN,
with new perspectives and new options
for the future.

It is subtly and surely conveying to the hearts of all that
a new way of life is coming into being, bringing the expansive
freedom of more life into the landscape of current life.
This sacred and unheralded mist penetrates to the heart's core .
It will transform all of life, relationships, expectations,
hopes, and possibilities for mankind.

It will create a new picture of the possible.
It will broaden and deepen the way in which 'ordinary relationships'
are conceived.

It will give new meaning and depth to the understanding of love.
Each soul that bends to become one with this emerging reality
is being lifted into a new state of awareness
within themselves, one in which old limitations and distortions
are revealed and healed, and in which new vistas open out.

One in which old identities, based on personal and biological
history are gathered together into a new unity,
housed within the sacred wholeness of one's inner Divine being.

Each one who seeks to feel the incoming tide of the Breath of God
is finding themselves breathed through
by the new beginnings of this time of unfoldment.

For the new energy of Divine Breath comes on the soft feet of
the mist itself.

It is carried on the wings of angels and the Divine
intention of other beings of light that enhance the flow of what
is taking place. It is breathed in by the hearts and souls of all.
Arriving soundlessly, it moves without force and without the need
for coercion or even attention,
for its power is the power of love and of comfort, and its place within
the heart is therefore assured.

Its action will move the inhabitants of the Earth
to a new consciousness - an awareness of Divine being living in
and through all of physical life,
as the world is made whole and the new life of a sacred planet
comes into existence.