Monday, February 8, 2016

Racisim and the Distribution of Funding - Volunteers and Rebuilding - Reparations of the Heart

 Previously Unpublished Notes: Released 2/2016
 Circa Early 2008

My experiences of watching, what seems to be to me, the uneven distribution of funding post-Katrina New Orleans, via photographing low income neighborhoods that were hit the hardest by the failure of the levies, and of conversations I have had had with local Black New Orleanian's themselves as the struggle to rebuild are deeply saddening.

The ongoing revelations of uneven distribution of helping and funds*,  are so deeply disturbing to me because of the contempt I believe it shows for African Americans in post-Katrina, levy failure flooded, New Orleans.

 * If it were not for the volunteers, who paid their way to volunteer -  gut out, and help rebuild houses, I believe hundreds would have never made it home. When I hear people speak of reparations - I will often speak of the thousands of primarily caucasion volunteers who came to New Orleans and spent their money and time, rebuilding mostly the African American neighborhoods. Without them I wonder how many would have been left bereft of a home and culture. These were reparations of the heart, out of a love for the community and their sufferings. Their deeds and acts of love were a healing balm to the virus of racisim.

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